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Briefly: Cingular stores spawn iPhone contact lists

Some Cingular wireless stores have begun to capitalize on the excitement leading up to the release of Apple's iPhone, offering to add prospective buyers to an "iPhone notification list" if they provide a phone number and answer a few questions.

Bloggers over at Twibe took the time to look into the matter by visiting their local Cingular retail store in Texas. They found that while Cingular is referring to the lists as "waiting lists," they're essentially "call-the-minute-we-get-em" lists which do not guarantee placement.

"I talked to a manager (possibly the owner) who took my name and number and said he would contact us the morning they get them in, which would allow the people on the list to get in line first," the report states. "He also asked if I was upgrading, switching, and a couple other service related questions."

The bloggers had also e-mailed their local Cingular store manager in advance of visiting the location and later received the following reply:

"Thanks for your email. We have a waiting list and we plan to contact the customers on the list when the iphone becomes available. If I can have your phone number I will get you added to the list and call you when we receive the iPhones. We look forward to having you as a customer soon!"

Since the iPhone's unveiling in January, Cingular (now AT&T) has received over a million inquiries from customers eager to snap up one of the Apple gadgets when they goes on sale in late June.

The excitement surrounding the iPhone also appears to be boosting interest in Cingular's wireless network amongst potential switchers, with a recent ChangeWave survey showing the wireless carrier to have surged ahead of rival Verizon Wireless in terms of consumer's future buying intentions.