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Apple offers SuperDrive firmware, Pro application updates

Apple on Wednesday evening issued a series of software updates, targeting SuperDrive firmware, Pro application support, Soundtrack Pro, Compressor, Color, Motion and Final Cut Pro.

SuperDrive Firmware Update 2.1
The SuperDrive Update [12MB] improves readability of certain CD media. The updater application will be installed in the /Applications/Utilities folder. Please follow the instructions in the updater application to complete the update process.

Pro Applications Update 2007-01
Pro Application Update 2007-01 [8.1MB] includes fixes to underlying frameworks and shared components for the updated Final Cut Studio 2 applications.In particular, the software updates the following components:
  • Apple ProRes 422: Delivers improved encoding performance for Power Mac G5 computers.

  • ProAppsEffects: Delivers filter improvements for Motion 3.0 and Final Cut Pro 6.0 customers.

  • PluginManager, FxPlug, ProFX, and FxPlugWrapper:These shared components deliver updates to Effects Support, 3D Support, and Versioning Support.

  • Helium.framework: Delivers improvements for SmoothCam. This update is required for customers using Motion 3.0 and Final Cut Pro 6.0.

About Soundtrack Pro 2.0.1
Soundtrack Pro 2.0.1 [74.5MB] contains several updates, including: improved stability, improved performance, and Delay Designer surround effect plug-in. The update is recommended for all users of Soundtrack Pro 2.0. Additional information about this release is also available in the release notes.

Compressor 3.0.1
Compressor 3.0.1 contains several updates, including: improved performance, improved stability, and compatibility updates for Apple Devices. The update is recommended for all Compressor 3.0 users. Further information about the update is available in the release notes.

Color 1.0.1
Color 1.0.1 [8.3MB is recommended for all users of Color 1.0 and contains several updates, providing the following fixes: improved stability, improved metadata support from Final Cut Pro, improved single-display mode, floating-point processing on computers with NVIDIA graphics cards, and Dissolves of 2K files during rendering. For more information, see the Color release notes.

Motion 3.0.1
Motion 3.0.1 [19.4MB] improves stability and resolves performance issues that may be encountered when using Motion 3.0 on both PowerPC-based and Intel-based Macintosh computers. The software update is recommended for all users of Motion 3.0 and includes fixes for: 32-bit float projects, rendering of intersecting 3D groups, and Final Cut Pro integration.
For further information about this update, see the release notes.

Final Cut Pro 6.0.1
Final Cut Pro 6.0.1 [37.5MB] contains several updates, including: improved stability, support for the AVCHD format through the Log and Transfer interface, FXPlug improvements with Motion and third-party applications, improved master template support, and esolution of issues with long filenames (greater than 32 characters, up to 255 characters) on non-HFS file systems (network or Xsan volumes, FAT32 volumes, and so on).

The software update is recommended for all users of Final Cut Pro 6.0. For more information see the release notes.