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Apple releases iPhone Software Update version 1.0.2

Focusing on stability ahead of new features, Apple on Tuesday began providing iPhone owners with yet another small maintenance software update.

iPhone Software version 1.0.2 is available by docking your iPhone to your Mac (or PC), selecting the device in iTunes, and then hitting "Check for Update."

The agenda for the latest update? "Bug fixes," according to the release notes.

The update takes about a minute or so, half of which is spent "verifying" the handset's existing iPhone software. Therefore, iPhone owners who've 'hacked' or otherwise modified their software may first need to restore their iPhone software before applying the update.

Tuesday's iPhone update is the second for Apple in as many months. The company in late July issued iPhone version 1.0.1 which added subtle refinements and major fixes.

iPhone Software Update 1.0.2