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Save hundreds on Apple's new MacBook Pros, iMacs, iPhones

With Apple gradually improving supply of its latest hardware offerings, online retailers such as have begun offering hundreds of dollars in discounts on the company's new MacBook Pros and iMacs.

MacBook Pros

Earlier this month, online retailer quietly began offering $150 mail-in-rebates on all three of Apple's latest MacBook Pro retail configurations.

The savings reduce the cost of the 15-inch 2.2GHz MacBook Pro from $1,994.99 to $1,844.99, the 15-inch 2.4GHz MacBook Pro from $2,494.99 to $2,344.99, and the 17-inch 2.4GHz MacBook Pro from $2,794.99 to $2,644.99.

Combined with Amazon's lack of sales tax, the rebates offer savings of over $200 on each model.


Amazon is not yet offering discounts on Apple's just-released iMac line, however those customers who don't mind waiting a few extra days for their new Macs can turn to, which is offering its own mail-in rebates.

The discount retailer is offering a $50 rebate on the new 20-inch 2.0GHz iMac, bringing the cost down to $1,144.00. Similarly, it's offering $75 and $100 rebates on the 20-inch 2.4GHz model and 24-inch 2.8GHz model. The savings bring the cost of the two models down to $1,419.00 and $2,194.00, respectively.

Although OnSale is presently out-of-stock of most models, it's reported to be receiving fresh shipments regularly.


Finally, several readers note that Apple in recent days has begun offering refurbished iPhones through its online store. The reconditioned, repacked units are available with a savings of $100 each, bringing the cost of the 4GB model down to $399 and the 8GB model down to $499.