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Former employees nabbed for burglary at Apple facility (mug shots)

Two former Apple employees are under arrest after a botched burglary attempt at the company's Elk Grove facility early Sunday morning, according to a statement released Monday by the Elk Grove Police Department.

Dominic Aguilar, 31, and Richard Mejia, 36, were both taken into custody on suspicion of attempted burglary and conspiracy after detectives received information about a break-in that was to take place Sunday outside the Apple facility at 2911 Laguna Boulevard.

After receiving the tip, detectives were able to contact Apple and with the assistance of their corporate security, began a surveillance of the business.

At approximately 2:30 a.m., the detectives observed Aguilar and Mejia gain access to the Apple grounds by cutting a hole in an exterior chain link fence. Once both suspects made their way onto the property, they attempted to forcibly enter an exterior door to the business, police said.

The suspects were unsuccessful in their attempt and quickly bailed when detectives began to move in. Fleeing by foot, the suspects reportedly jumped into a nearby creek in an attempt to escape. At this point, Elk Grove Police Department began a systematic search for the suspects utilizing everything from police officers and K-9 units to the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department helicopter.

Both suspects (photos below) were eventually located and arrested for 182 Penal Code (Conspiracy) and 664/459 Penal Code (Attempted Burglary), police said.

Mug Shots

It's unclear what motivated the two suspects to stage the burglary attempt. However, portions of the Elk Grove facility —which once served as a manufacturing plant for Apple's iMacs and Power Mac systems —are known to contain hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars worth of returned or refurbished Apple merchandise.

Apple in recent months has become an increasingly popular target amongst thieves, who've proven they'll do just about anything to get their hands on the company's latest electronics gear. Sunday's burglary attempt is the third on an Apple facility reported so far this month.