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DigiTimes vouches for multi-touch iPod with WiFi

Apple's announcements on Wednesday will indeed include a next-generation iPod video with a touch-control interface, according to DigiTimes.

Citing sources at Taiwan-based contract manufacturers, the Far Eastern rumor publication reports that the "new iPod video will also come with a wide-screen panel, high storage capacity and Wi-Fi connectivity."

Instead of using traditional hard disk drives (HDD), DigiTimes reports inline with earlier AppleInsider reports that the new iPod will instead employ NAND flash-based storage.

Apple is reportedly outsourcing the production of the new iPod video to Taiwan-based Inventec Appliances, which is expected to start volume shipments by the end of this month or in early October.

Apple's new products will also include a new iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle, according to DigiTimes, which also noted that sales of the new iPod series is expected to total 22-23 million units in the fourth quarter of this year.

Separately, a second report from claims that Apple's announcements this week will also include plans to bring digital radio to the iPod along with an option to buy music using the device.

Citing a source, the online publication said the "new iPods will be able to receive digital radio, and will include a 'buy-now' function to allow the user to download and buy tracks as they are being played."

AppleInsider has received similar reports that Apple may be gearing up to include "HD Radio" functionality on its next-generation media players, but has been unable to confirm those reports with any degree of certainty.