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Raft of third-party accessories, software due at Macworld Expo

While most associate the Macworld San Francisco Expo with Apple announcements, several key third parties will use the gathering to introduce new products, AppleInsider has learned, including USB display adapters and a new high-end home printer.


Having previously developed its technology only for Windows systems, DisplayLink will show the Mac OS X version of its technology that allows displays to be attached through USB rather than a traditional video card.

"Imagine adding up to six displays to a Mac with the simplicity of USB – and without any additional graphics cards," the company says, noting that it could also lead to docking stations for MacBooks that can connect an LCD as well as normal USB devices. Kensington will be the first with products to support the technology. (Booth W-4238)


Though shy on details, HP has said it will be introducing a "breakthrough" prosumer (high-end consumer) printer using the company's Vivera professional inks. (Booth S-1502)


Security software maker Intego will be announcing new versions of some of its suite, which includes antivirus, firewall, and content control software. (Booth S-2426)


Known as the producers of the IntelliScanner mini, used to track home info such as books and CD collections, will have a "hush-hush" scanning product geared towards businesses. S-437


Macally will focus primarily on the iPhone and iPod markets, but will also include a handful of its signature Mac input devices.

These are said to include a new all-in-one speaker/battery pack/protective case/stand, a new small footprint speaker designed watching movies on an iPod, an in-car FM transmitter for the iPhone and iPod, new mice and keyboards, as well as new cases for the iPod touch, classic, nano and the iPhone. (Booth S-926)


Skullcandy hopes to leap into the iPhone audio market with its aluminum iPhone FMJ earbuds, which it believes should improve on the audio quality of Apple's stock earbud/microphone combo.

It also intends to produce Bluetooth helmets, ski goggles, and other winter sport gear. (Booth #W-4502)

Bags and cases: be-ez, Brenthaven, Crumpler, iSkin, Targus

Several case manufacturers intend to expand their offerings for iPhones and Macs at the event.

Introductions should include MacBook cases from be-ez (the Labesace line), Brenthaven, Crumpler (the 13-15" Squirrel range), and Targus (EcoSmart Radius backpacks and bags).

iSkin will be at the Macworld Expo chiefly to reveal an iPhone hard case and several leather MacBook bags. (be-ez: booth 4335 (unknown hall), Brenthaven: booth S-1912, Crumpler: booth S-931, iSkin: S-624, Targus: S-2644)


DriveSavers claims it will be the first to offer a new data recovery service for Mac users. It will also showcase some of its "trophies" —drives that have been burnt, impacted, or otherwise damaged but still recovered. (Booth S-338)


Vertus will showcase a new program about to be released named Bling It!! which is designed to help create professional product shots without the associated photography and photo editing skills. (Booth W-4231)


Formed by a former Apple employee, reQall is developing a web service for the iPhone and iPod touch known as Connect.

It will act as an organizer that assembles notes, photos, and online information to help users remember important details of upcoming personal and business occasions. (Booth S-1338-44)


Atempo will reveal a new data protection program named LiveBackup for Mac that should backup "high-value digital content" in real-time in the background. (Booth S-2627)

SMART Technologies

Best known for its digital whiteboards, SMART will unveil SMART Learning Marketplace, a web subscription service that hosts continuously updated content to be used by teachers. (Booth S-2508)


The company's Creative3D 2.0 will help create 3D and animated effects for print work, including ads and packaging. (Booth W-4336)

RAGE Software

Web development software producer RAGE says it will fill the often-neglected niche of search engine optimization software on the Mac with a new product. It should help Mac users compete fairly with Windows users when designing and optimizing a page for maximum site traffic, according to the company. (Booth S-2727)


Pzizz plans to give the same boost as an espresso when it launches new versions of its self-titled brainwave stimulating software for Leopard and Tiger systems.

New modules should focus on improving creativity, help with meditation, and add a female voice to the energizer component. (Booth: W-4300, nicknamed the Power Napping hall)