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Exposed: iPhone 2.0's parental controls, redesigned calculator

Leaked copies of Apple's iPhone software version 2.0, not due for public consumption until June, reveal a glimpse at upcoming features such as parental controls and a redesigned version of the handset's embedded calculator application.

Earlier this week, the unofficial iPhoneDevTeam managed to get their hands on a copy of the beta software, which Apple seeded to select enterprise partners in order to afford them a head start on integrating the iPhone into their corporate networks and developing proprietary applications for employees.

A single screenshot of the software published by the organization offered the first peek at a new set of controls that parents can use to restrict access to certain iPhone functions on their children's handset. Among them are four toggle switches that can be used to deactivate Safari, YouTube, the mobile iTunes Store, and the App Store.

The "Enable Parental Controls" preference panel also includes a fifth toggle switch that will prohibit playback of any audio album or track that has be flagged for explicit or inappropriate language.

iPhone Software 2.0

On Thursday, a few more images of the iPhone 2.0 software (in addition to a YouTube video) surfaced by way of hackint0sh, this time in the form of digital photos that show an actual iPhone running the software. While not particularly revealing in themselves, they do provide a glimpse at a redesigned version of the iPhone's calculator application that had previously gone unmentioned.

According to hackint0sh, the beta version of the software seeded to enterprise partners does not include the contact search icon spotted during Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller's presentation last week.