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Apple again greenlights iPod touch 2.0 update

Having cleared most of the iTunes woes that plagued Apple's firmware updates on Friday, Apple has now officially posted the iPod touch 2.0 upgrade.

The refresh, available through iTunes, mirrors the iPhone 2.0 software and gives the touchscreen iPod access to third-party native applications downloaded from the App Store.

These programs can take advantage of all the hardware built into the iPod, including 3D graphics, the tilt sensor, and Wi-Fi access to the Internet and local area networks.

It also adds particular support for push calendars, contacts, and e-mail through either Apple's own MobileMe service or for Microsoft Exchange servers.

The upgrade also makes key improvements to Mail, adds the ability to save images, and adds a scientific mode to Calculator.

While the iPhone 2.0 upgrade is available for free, the iPod touch 2.0 update is priced at $10 due to Apple's concerns about US accounting laws.

Apple had originally posted the update alongside the iPhone 3G launch but was stymied when the strain on its iTunes and activation infrastructures made the download inaccessible.