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Apple takes double-digit PC market share in Canada

Propelled by the strength of its MacBook lineup, Apple has taken a 10 percent market share of personal computers in Canada, new sales figures show.

"It's certainly been Apple's most impressive quarter, if not ever, certainly going back as far as I can look, and that goes into the '90s," Tim Brunt, senior analyst personal computing and technology with IDC Canada told AppleInsider. "They certainly had a banner quarter up here."

While the rest of the Canadian PC market was sluggish during the second quarter of 2009, Apple, much like in the U.S., is at a record-setting pace. The numbers from IDC Canada, a market data supplier, show that Apple's year-over-year sales grew 24.8 percent from Q2 2008, thanks to the success of portable computer offerings from the Cupertino, Calif., company.

Overall PC sales in Canada were down 14.6 percent year over year, and off 12 percent from Q1 2009. In all, 1.2 million computers were shipped. Brunt explained that Canada has lagged behind the U.S. and the rest of the world as the global recession has finally begun to have its effect on the nation.

"We enterted the recession a lot later than happened in the U.S., so last quarter and this quarter we're just starting to see the effects of it," he said. "We're coming out of it fairly quickly."

The top PC maker in Canada for the quarter was HP, which held the No. 1 position with a 22.1 percent share. However, its total year-over-year impact was down 25.3 percent. Nipping at HP's heels is Dell, which controls 20.7 percent of the market.

Like in the U.S., netbook sales are booming, selling 114,000 units in Q2 in Canada, a growth of over 200 percent year over year. In all, netbooks represented 25 percent of all units shipped. Desktop PCs didn't fare well, though, shrinking 36.8 percent in market share from a year prior.