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Hit-or-miss site claims 4G iPhone part; French exclusivity ends

A Chinese Web site that has leaked parts of Apple products in the past with varying degrees of accuracy has claimed to have a fourth-generation iPhone part; and the French government has nixed the exclusive agreement between Apple and Orange.

Purported 4G iPhone part pictured

AppleInsider was informed this week of an alleged fourth-generation iPhone midboard claimed to be provided by Apple's handset manufacturer, Foxconn., a wholesale parts supplier, said it received the part on Nov. 1.

While Gizmodo noted that China Ontrade was accurate with an iPhone 3GS screen before the hardware was unveiled in June, the Web site also mistakenly claimed that a Creative Zii Egg bezel was from a forthcoming iPhone.

The site states that the hardware has an "amazingly beautiful back," and photos of it will be provided soon. The internal hardware does not offer any clear suggestions of potential new features of a forthcoming iPhone model.

Last month, the same Web site provided a SIM tray alleged to be from either an Apple "iTablet" or fourth-generation iPhone. That part, too, was reportedly received from Foxconn.

4G iPhone

Orange loses French iPhone exclusivity

Apple and wireless carrier Orange have ceased their exclusive contract for the iPhone early after a ruling from the French competition authority, according to Down Jones Newswires.

The injunction was originally issued in December 2008 as a temporary and precautionary measure. Apple and France Telecom, the parent company of Orange, were also prevented from entering into exclusive agreements for any other handsets.

Orange and Apple has reportedly originally entered into a five-year agreement. Following the ruling from local regulators, contract-free iPhones were sold in France.