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Apple's latest iPad ad is heavy on apps, adjectives

Apple's new 30-second TV spot for its touchscreen tablet, the iPad, relies on a series of applications and adjectives to pitch the popular product.

Posted this week on the company's official YouTube page, the new advertisement shows off a range of software available on the App Store, including Flipboard, iBooks, Twitter and Pages. "iPad isn't just one thing," the video's description reads. "It's thousands of things." The advertisement is entitled, "iPad is Delicious."

The 30-second advertisement does not have any voiceovers. Instead, it relies on images of hands interacting with software on the iPad. The quick glimpses are accompanied by a series of words that describe what the iPad "is," including "delicious," "current," "playful," "literary" and "artful."

The last displayed adjective is "magical," a word that Apple has consistently used to promote the iPad.

It's a change from the previous iPad ad, which relied on a voiceover that answered the question "What is iPad?" The commercial showed users out and about, interacting with their iPad, and described the hardware as "thin," "beautiful," and "magical."

iPad was introduced with its first ad campaign in March, with a TV spot that demonstrated browsing through photos, watching videos, downloading e-books, and browsing the Web. The first commercial debuted during the Academy Awards, nearly a month before the device launched in the U.S.

Customers ordering from Apple's online store will also have an easier time getting their hands on an iPad, as the company is slowly catching up with strong demand for the product. Apple this week quietly improved the estimated shipping time of all iPad models, both Wi-Fi-only and 3G-capable, to 3-5 days. Previously, users had to wait an estimated 7 to 10 days for their order to ship.