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Interactive Grand Central Apple Store panoramic tailored to iOS devices

Apple has posted a panoramic picture of its new Grand Central Terminal retail location, makes it interactive by leveraging the gyroscope found in iOS devices.

In an update to its retail location website on Monday, Apple added a 360° panoramic view of its new Grand Central Terminal Apple Store that can be controlled by iOS devices using their built-in gyroscopes.

This is the first time Apple has included this type of interactive graphic on its retail website, though it is unclear whether the feature will be adopted for other upcoming store locations or is unique to the gigantic New York outlet.

To view the panoramic, iOS device users can visit the Apple Store website and select the "View More Photos" option in the bottom left of the landing page picture.

A viewer will pop up illustrating various features of the store, with the interactive panoramic labeled "360." The 360° photograph uses gyroscopes to control movement, so to look around users can simply move their device in the air instead of pushing onscreen buttons.

Grand Central Apple Store on iDevice

Screenshot from iPhone 4S of Grand Central Store panoramic photo

PC users can also experience the panoramic photo, though view is controlled by mouse input instead of an iDevice's gyroscope.

Grand Central Apple Store on PC

Screenshot from Mac with mouse controls

Apple opened the doors to its Grand Central store on Dec. 9, welcoming hordes of customers to one of the company's largest retail locations in the world, which is staffed by 315 employees and features the largest Personal Setup area in the world.