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Reacting to Apple at CES 2012, part two: Samsung's Galaxy Note

More Samsung at CES

Samsung's other mobile innovations at CES included the "Smart Station," billed as a way to "let your keyboard and mouse control your Smart Phone."

Samsung's platform savvy was also on display in a series of laptops running everything from conventional Windows to the pre-iPad Slate PC to Google's Chromebook specification.

The company even still had a 2007-era Surface PC on display, in a cordoned-off strip of museum also presenting a refrigerator, microwave and washing machine fitted with touch screens and running apps.

One product that beat Samsung in adding a touchscreen to it was the Almond-branded WiFi router. Although, presumably, if you have a WiFi router you also have some sort of device with a display you can configure it with, and don't need to dedicate all that hardware to a device that's intended to sit largely ignored on a shelf.

More impressive were Samsung's HTDVs, from the super slim Series 8 models to the wafer-thin technology demo of SuperOLED panels driven by a cabinet of gear below them (below, and juxtaposed alongside the Slate PC above).

Part three provides an overview of Apple's impact on other CES exhibitors, including Motorola, Nokia, RIM and Sony.

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Reacting to Apple at CES 2012, part two: Samsung's Galaxy Note
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