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Former OS X chief working on cloud startup with other ex-Apple employees

Bertrand Serlet, formerly the head of OS X development at Apple, has reportedly been working with a cloud computing startup called "Upthere" since he left Apple last year.

Serlet is working with at least two other former Apple employees at the company in downtown Palo Alto, Calif., according to Business Insider. The company is described as a "cloud hosting provider" with "consulting services in the field of cloud computing."

Said to have joined Serlet at Upthere is Roger Bodamer, a former vice president of product operations and development at Apple, as well as Justin Maxwell, a former Apple user interface designer.

Other details on Upthere are scarce. The company filed for a trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Organization in September of 2011, which was granted.

A job posting for Upthere didn't identify Serlet or any other ex-Apple employees by name, stating only that the company's founders "were key to building the world's leading operating system (Mac OS X) and database (Oracle) and have a clear vision of core technology for a Cloud OS."


The departure of Serlet from Apple was announced in March of 2011, making him one of a handful of key executives that would exit the company last year. Retail chief Ron Johnson also announced last June that he would be leaving Apple in November become the new chief executive at retailer JC Penney, while company co-founder and former chief executive Steve Jobs passed away last October at age 56.

Serlet worked with Jobs for 22 years before last year's departure, which he said would let him "focus less on products and more on science." He was replaced at Apple by Craig Federighi, who is now responsible for the development of OS X.