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Google planning Spotify-style subscription music service - report

As rumors swirl of a Pandora-style Internet radio service from Apple, Google is said to be working on a paid subscription music service akin to Spotify.

Google's plans were revealed this week by both The Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times, which revealed that Google is currently in negotiations with music companies. The search giant reportedly plans to offer a paid subscription music streaming service to complement its own Google Music storefront.

Google Play

Google's music service competes with Apple's iTunes, and even undercuts it by offering the ability to match and upload a personal music collection for free. Apple's iTunes Match charges $24.99 per year for the same functionality, as does Amazon.

Google's apparent interest in expanding its music services comes as Apple is also reportedly working on an Internet radio offering similar to Pandora. Apple's plans are said to have been held up by negotiations with record labels that own the rights to the music.

"Radio Buy" buttons were also discovered hidden in Apple's iOS 6.1 software update released earlier this year. The images were taken as evidence that Apple is preparing its iOS mobile operating system for the eventual launch of its Internet radio service.