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Monday, March 11, 2013, 06:46 pm PT (09:46 pm ET)

Apple's new iPhone 5 ads continue refreshed campaign theme

Apple recently posted two new iPhone 5 TV spots to its website, each taking on the new direction introduced with the latest iPad commercials that aired last month.

The two ads, titled "Discover" and "Brilliant," use the same technique of showing a flurry of words describing the multiple app offerings on the App Store before stopping on and highlighting a single word with a few choice app titles. Apple's latest spots are similar to the iPad and iPad mini advertisements first seen in February.

As seen in the ad above, the focus is not on the iPhone's hardware, as with past commercials, but is instead on the huge library of apps available in the App Store. Some of the titles covered in "Discover" and "Brilliant" are Cleartune, Shazam, Infinity Blade II, Elements and the Hue lighting app, along with first party apps like Passbook and Maps.