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SimCity for Mac arrives June 11, players get OS X and Windows copies with 1 purchase

EA announced on Wednesday that the latest version of its hit SimCity franchise would land on Apple's Mac platform on June 11. As an added bonus, those who already bought the game for Windows will get a Mac copy for free.


The new SimCity will be available exclusively as a digital release on EA's Origin service, as well as other online retailers. SimCity who have already purchased the game on PC will be entitled to a free digital copy for Mac as well.

The Mac version's entire software renderer was rewritten for OpenGL in order to ensure that it will function well on Apple's platform. Using EA's Origin, the game's multiplayer elements are also cross-platform, allowing Mac and PC players to compete against and collaborate with each other.

The new SimCity has already sold in excess of three million units since its launch on the PC. That launch, though, was marred by complications with the game's Digital Rights Management component, which requires a persistent Internet connection in order for the game to function, even in single-player mode.

EA, at the time of the game's launch, did not have the server capacity to handle the number of players logging on, resulting in many customers being unable to access the game shortly after its release. EA has since upgraded its server infrastructure.