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New, slightly tweaked shelving design showing up in some Apple retail stores

Apple may be on the verge of refreshing some elements of the shelving in its retail locations, as one northern California store shows a full-on redesign in the shelving for accessories and other products.


Some observers and a few insiders pointed out the slight shift in shelving to ifoAppleStore recently. The shelving redesign is said to have been done for aesthetic reasons, with the new structures no longer needing dividers for support.

The original shelving has been replaced with a new model that has no vertical dividers. The resulting design has less obstruction between items. It also allows for stores to change their layouts, displaying groups of products in rows they tweak to their needs.

The design will apparently go on to be installed in Apple's other retail locations, with stores replacing the shelving overnight. It is already in place in some newer stores, while older stores still have the wooden shelf designs with dividers.