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Briefly: Pebble to deliver software update on Nov. 6, hints at app development news

Pebble Technology on Monday announced that it will be releasing a software update for its popular Pebble smart watch, with new features and possibly developer assets in tow.

Pebble Update

According to AppleInsider reader Will, Pebble made the announcement through its official Kickstarter page for backers, saying the event will be streamed live via on Wednesday, Nov. 6, at 10 a.m. Pacific. A recording will be made available shortly after for those unable to watch live.

While not confirmed, the Kickstarter post strongly hinted that new developer assets would be discussed during the announcement:
If you're currently developing for Pebble, or interested in creating apps for Pebble, then you should definitely tune in!

Further, Pebble creator Eric Migicovsky, along with the company's developer support team, are scheduled to take part in a Reddit AMA, or Ask Me Anything, session directly following the event. It is unclear what will be revealed, though possibilities include a new SDK that grants access to Pebble's accelerometer, magnetometer and communications hardware.

Pebble was one of the first devices to bring attention to the smart watch segment when it launched a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign in April 2012. By the time funding ended, the project garnered over $10.2 million from backers, well over the initial goal of $100,000.

AppleInsider found Pebble to be worth the hype, but noted third-party software and frequent updates would be key in ensuring a lasting market presence.