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Moshi launches SenseCover touch-enabled flip cover case for Apple's iPhone

Mobile accessory maker Moshi on Tuesday unveiled the SenseCover, a flip cover case for Apple's iPhone 5s and 5c featuring embedded sensors that allow users to swipe to answer phone calls or silence alarms without exposing the iPhone's touchscreen.

Moshi SenseCover

Using what Moshi says is proprietary technology, a set of touch-sensitive plates implanted in the case's front cover above where the iPhone's usual 'slide to unlock' or 'slide to answer' messages would appear detect the user's touch. A cutout near the top lets the caller identification information shine through, and also acts as a window for checking the time.

When users do want access to the touchscreen, the cover can be folded away and a rear-mounted magnetic clasp keeps the cover open. The case is also designed to leave all of the iPhone's buttons as well as the front- and rear-facing cameras accessible.

Moshi's case is reminiscent of the S-View flip cover manufactured by Samsung for its Galaxy handsets, which also lets users interact with the device with the cover closed. That case interfaces directly with the phone, however, using a data connector.

The SenseCover is available in two colors —steel black and brushed titanum— and can be purchased today for $45 directly from Moshi at