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Twitter updated with new reply & photo options, Voicemail + offers message transcription

Microblogging service Twitter on Wednesday updated their official iOS app to give users new ways to reply to tweets and interact with photos on the service, while U.K. residents pining for a replacement Apple's Visual Voicemail have a new option in Voicemail +.



Twitter users can now reply directly to tweets with photos, and the company has also provided an easier mechanism to add mentions when tweeting an image. The update also brings improvements to the app's photo editing tools, specifically cropping and image rotation, and improvements to the photo viewer.

In addition, users using Twitter's login verification option are no longer required to use temporary passwords when logging in on their device. Twitter has also added new content recommendations in the stream's pull-to-refresh area.

Twitter version 6.1 is available now as a free, 19.1-megabyte download from the App Store.


Voicemail +

Voicemail + is an app for U.K.-based iPhone owners whose carrier does not provide access to Apple's Visual Voicemail. Users redirect their voicemail to the service, which then pipes it to a native iOS interface.

The app features inline audio playback as well as speech-to-text message transcription, similar to functionality offered by Google Voice. The recordings can also be forwarded to an email address, and Voicemail + provides push notifications when new messages are received.

Voicemail + version 1.2.0 is available now as a free, 4.9-megabyte download from the U.K. App Store.