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Pebble unveils new limited-edition iOS-compatible pink, green & blue smartwatches

With competition in the smartwatch space heating up, arguable market leader Pebble on Tuesday took the covers off of a new fashion-focused push that will see a limited run of Fly Blue, Fresh Green, and Hot Pink versions of its original plastic-framed device made available to the public.

Pebble went through "a lot of iterating" to ensure color consistency in the new options, company evangelist Myriam Joire told Fast Company. The company has yet to reveal how many of each will be sold before the limited run is ended.

Already forced to contend with South Korean electronics giant Samsung, Pebble is now facing the entry of heavyweights LG and Motorola with smartwatches powered by Google's new Android Wear operating system. Much of the industry's focus has shifted from technical ability, traditionally Pebble's strength, to fashion —Motorola's new Moto360, for instance, sports a traditional look with a round face.

Pebble's move comes some five months after the release of its new high-end model, the Pebble Steel, which eschewed the plastic construction in favor of stainless steel and glass.

AppleInsider took a look at the Pebble Steel earlier this year. At the time, we found the updated materials and then-new Pebble app store to be excellent enhancements, but were troubled by the sometimes-poor build quality.

The new colors are available now from Pebble's own website.