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Uber adds turn-by-turn directions for drivers, Yo gets profiles and hashtags

Customers of car-calling service Uber will no longer need to give their driver directions to their destination, while users of inexplicably popular monovocable messaging app Yo can now add hashtags and attach links to Yos. Also, Apple has seeded a new test build of OS X Mavericks 10.9.5 to developers.


Uber's most recent update allows riders to enter their destination address directly into the app. Drivers will be able to see the destination on their own app at the time of pickup, and will receive turn-by-turn directions using Apple's built-in maps.

According to Uber, the change will benefit both riders and drivers. Riders will no longer need to communicate their destination to the driver orally, while drivers will not be forced to contend with multiple apps or devices if they find themselves in need of directions.

Uber version 2.35.0 is available now as a free, 13.7-megabyte download from the App Store.


Screenshots courtesy of The Next Web

Yo has now expanded its feature list past a single line, adding the ability to attach links to Yos. Users must have the link in their clipboard before sending a Yo, and they can attach it by long-pressing a username.

Additionally, users can choose a profile name and photo. Yos also support hashtags, and users can configure Yo to Yo them when a web service— such as Instagram or Craigslist— is updated.

Yo version 1.1.0 is available now as a free, 13.1-megabyte download from the App Store.

Mac OS X Mavericks 10.9.5

The latest build of OS X Mavericks is now available for download from the Apple Developer Center, as well as the Mac App Store. The operating system carries build number 13F14.

Apple has tasked developers with testing a number of areas, with particular focus on USB and USB-attached accessories, Safari, and Thunderbolt.