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Apple profiles Adele producer Greg Kurstin to promote Logic Pro X

Persisting with the day's music theme, Apple on Wednesday posted a new promotional profile on its website for Logic Pro X, concentrating on Adele producer Greg Kurstin.

The pair worked together in a studio in London over the course of three separate weeks, creating the songs "Hello," "Water Under The Bridge," and "A Million Years Ago." Rather than rely on the studio's normal production equipment, Kurstin turned primarily to a MacBook Pro, Logic Pro X, and Apogee's Quartet USB interface.

Using a stripped-down approach allegedly helped reduce potential technical issues as Adele worked on lyrics and Kurstin recorded instruments. Logic is also said to have given Kurstin access to effects and plugins he might've otherwise had to hunt for outside of his personal studio.

The promo page also goes into details about the creation of each song, listing the full range of hardware and software tools as well.

Apple rarely makes many movements on the Logic front, as the company has largely drifted away from professional Mac software. Today, however, the company did tackle the iOS side of music production, updating Logic Remote and GarageBand, while launching a new app, Music Memos.