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With new Macs and OS X 10.12 on deck, WWDC 2016 could run June 13-17 [u]

The 2016 edition of Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference may be later than usual this year, as the company gears up for OS X 10.12 and a wide-ranging refresh of its Mac lineup.

Update: The dates have seemingly been confirmed by Apple's Siri.

Checks of the Moscone Center in San Francisco by AppleInsider show that Moscone West —Apple's preferred site for WWDC —will be in use on June 1 as well as June 6 through 9. Given Apple's standard five-day WWDC window, that makes an early June event effectively impossible.

The company's chosen target is likely June 13 through 17, the only option giving it a full week. In fact the rest of the month is cut off, with conferences on stem cell research and Red Hat Linux already booked.

Still unknown is what products Apple might show this year. The company will almost certainly tease new versions of iOS and OS X, the latter of which could be rebranded as MacOS.

It may also announce new MacBooks during the event, if not before. Rumors of Apple's upgrade plans have been inconsistent, for instance suggesting that the company could axe the Air line, or revamp it by replacing the 11-inch model with a 15-inch one. If it eliminates the Air, it might still try to thin down the MacBook Pro. As for the company's 12-inch MacBook, an update may have to wait for the second half of the year, but also might not, and could potentially gain a 14- to 15-inch sibling.

The company is additionally overdue on updating its Mac Pro and Mac mini desktops. The Mini was last updated in October 2014, while the Pro is even more outdated, having been refreshed in December 2013.