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Some new iOS 10 Home app features not supported by third-gen Apple TV [u]

After users upgrade devices to iOS 10, they won't be able to take full advantage of some new HomeKit-related features on older, third generation Apple TVs.

The move, first noted by the Apple Support Twitter account and on the HomeKit support page, comes in tandem with the ability to use an iPad running iOS 10 on a dwelling's local area network to perform hub duties, and the launch of the new Home app. Setup remains the same, and requires two-factor authentication for the user's Apple ID.

Devices remaining on iOS 9 can continue to use an existing installation, at least for now. Apple has not issued a software update for the third generation Apple TV disabling the feature entirely.

However, iOS 9 devices cannot connect to and control devices through an iPad acting as a HomeKit hub.

While HomeKit devices have always had a form of universal control through Siri, full functionality has required third-party apps, coded by hardware makers for their own hardware. The new Home app in iOS 10 bridges all the disparate apps.

Update: Apple in an update to the HomeKit support webpage has clarified that third-generation Apple TV hardware can, in fact, remotely control HomeKit accessories. User permissions, automation and remote streaming of HomeKit-enabled cameras are still limited to fourth-generation units.