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macOS Safari compatibility added to Amazon Prime Video HTML5 streaming, with limitations

Amazon has made a recent change to video distribution methods, with the company adding Apple Safari HTML5 support on macOS, making the browser fully compatible with Amazon Prime Video streaming without plug-ins for the first time.

Before the implementation of the change over the weekend, Amazon Prime Video required installation of the problematic Microsoft Silverlight plugin for playback of streaming video in Safari. The implementation is still not perfect, with video playback capped at 720p resolution.

Based on AppleInsider testing, the current versions of Chrome and Firefox still have better AirPlay Mirroring options, as well as not having the artificial 720p resolution cap.

In April, Amazon made the Prime Video subscription available to those not choosing an Amazon Prime subscription. The Prime Video plan is available for $8.99 per month. This includes all shows and movies, as well as HD, UHD (4K), and HDR video quality options.

A full Amazon Prime subscription is cheaper, at $99.99 billed annually.