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T-Mobile One plan simplified further, all additional charges now under single fee

T-Mobile CEO John Legere announced on Thursday at the Consumer Electronics Show that the company has executed its plan to only offer T-Mobile One going forward, is keeping the cost of the plan the same, and is eliminating all extra line-item charges in the program.

The T-Mobile One Plan fee remains unchanged. Users still pay $70 for the first line, $50 for a second line, and $20 per additional line up to 10 lines of service. Starting in January, all of the miscellaneous line-item fees customarily seen on a mobile bill are being absorbed into the plan by the company.

Further enticing people to switch over, T-Mobile will also receive a $150 gift card for every line transferred to T-Mobile, with no trade-in required to get the benefit.

Other traditional T-Mobile benefits are included, like data roaming in Mexico and Canada, "carrier freedom" programs where T-Mobile helps cover the cost of switching data plans, and the T-Mobile Tuesday customer bonus program.

Additionally, to lessen the monthly bill further, every line on the T-Mobile One plan that does not exceed 2GB of data consumed will see a $10 credit.

T-Mobile launched the One plan in September, with unlimited 4G data, calling, and text messaging. Tablets can also be added to the plan, for $20 per month. Customers who opt out of auto-pay services see a $5 per line fee assessed.

Customers using more than 26GB of high-speed data per month may still see data traffic prioritized to 3G or 2G speeds, at specific times and places that the network sees high network demand. There is no cap to induce full-time throttling implementation.

Every video service under the aegis of "Binge On" is streamed at standard definition. Higher definition video is available, but at a $15 per line cost. Day passes are available for a single device for $3.

Customers are allowed to remain on an older, now discontinued, plan.