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Mac OS 9.0 Quietly Reaches Final Candidate

Mac OS 9.0, code-named Sonata, officially transitioned into the Final Candidate stage, as Beta 7 was accepted as Final Candidate 1. On Friday, Apple seeded developers with Mac OS 9.0 Final Candidate 2 and made a note that seedings should increase at a rapid pace as the development team is striving to meet its goal of delivering the release by October.

Currently there are known issues with StuffIt Deluxe, Expander, and DropStuff, Adobe Type Manager and Adobe Type Reunion, and Symantec's Norton AntiVirus 6. "We are working with the developers of these products to resolve these issues," Tim Holmes, Mac OS Technology Manager, told developers.

Final Candidate seedings are now expected weekly. As always, we'll update you with the latest.