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Minuet (Mac OS 9.0.1) Surfaces Internally

Confirming earlier reports, as of this weekend Apple sources began to inform AppleInsider of internal seedings of Mac OS 9.0.1, which, as expected, is now officially code-named "Minuet."

The release currently consists of fewer than 50 component files and is expected to be primarily a bug-fix release that will also carry additional support for the next-generation Apple PowerBooks set to debut at Macworld San Francisco in January.

Currently in Delta 10 (or d10), the release would seem lightyears away from a final product. However, since the update is so minor and consists of fewer components, the development process is expected to move rapidly.

Listing of Files to Ship as Part of Mac OS 9.0.1 Code-named "Minuet"

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For the PowerBooks, the upgrade features new versions of TV Mirroring (v2.2), Apple Audio (v1.0.1), Apple CD/DVD Driver (v1.3.3), Energy Saver (v2.5.5), Internal V90 Modem (v1.1), FireWire Enabler and Support (v2.3), IrDA Tools (v2.3) and all the ATI Rage 128 drivers. In addition, the release features updates to Drive Setup (v1.9), Apple CPU Plugins (v2.3), and of course all the major system files and enablers will be bumped to version 9.0.1.

Minuet will also come with revisions to Open Transport (which will hit version 2.5.3) and OpenGL (bumped to version 1.1.3).

Minuet is expected to be released sometime very early next year, possibly at January's Macworld Expo. The release will be free of charge to those consumers who already own 9.0 and is said to be made available only via Apple's new System Software Update technology that ships as part of Mac OS 9.