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Apple to Surprise Macworld Crowd with 17 Inch iMac!

Whether it's evident right now, or not, Apple has been listening to their customers. However, listening to consumers also means that Apple will slowly be forced to expand upon their 4 simple product points.

According to well placed sources in Cupertino, on January 5th, Steve Jobs will preview the latest and greatest of their consumer offerings: a new iMac, complete with a 17" built-in display. Currently Apple's iMac offerings include only a 15" monitor with a 13.8" viewable area.

The project is officially code-named "P7A," which is similar to the original iMacs which were stamped with the code-name "P7" or the nickname "Kihei." If there is one thing about P7A that should be noted its that it will not be readily available when announced.

While P7A Units will be available for demonstration at January's Macworld Expo in San Francisco, reliable Apple sources claim that the project is not slated to go Golden Master until January 26th, 2000. Having said this, units are not expected until early February and shipments in quantity will most likely be delayed until early March.

While exact specifications and other details are forthcoming, it is known that P7A will require support from Minuet, otherwise known as Mac OS 9.0.1. We'll keep you updated on P7A in the coming weeks, and the other two major hardware product announcements that are on-tap for Macworld San Francisco.