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Firaxis' XCOM: Enemy Unknown lands on on iOS June 20

Smash hit strategy game XCOM: Enemy Unknown will finally invade Apple's iOS platform this week, bringing turn-based alien destruction to owners of iPhones and iPads.


Rumor: Low-cost iPhone, new iPad mini coming in August, but no 'iPhone 5S' until 2014

A questionable new rumor claims that Apple doesn't plan to release a true successor to the iPhone 5 until 2014, instead focusing on a low-cost iPhone this year.


Apple's packed WWDC 2013 keynote replay now available

As per usual, Apple has released Monday's keynote in full on its events webpage, offering those who missed the product-packed event a second chance to watch Apple execs introduce iOS 7, Mac OS X Mavericks, the radically redesigned Mac Pro, faster MacBook Air, and more.


BlackBerry Messenger not coming to iPhone, iPad June 27 [U]

BlackBerry Messenger is still going cross-platform, but it won't be appearing on iOS and Android on June 27, contrary to a report published Thursday.


Apple pushes out OS X Lion, Snow Leopard security patches after Mountain Lion update

Minutes after Apple release the OS X 10.8.4 maintenance update, the company made available security updates for client and server editions of 10.6 Snow Leopard and 10.7 Lion.


'iOS 7 lock screen' images attempt but fail to convince

A series of pictures claiming to show the iPhone lock screen for Apple's anticipated iOS 7 were sent out on Tuesday, though their authenticity is highly suspect.


PC makers' revolt against Windows continues as Acer preps all-in-one Android desktop

It's no secret that the makers of traditional computing devices are less than pleased with some of Microsoft's more recent moves, and a new announcement from Acer marks the continuation of a trend that may give the software giant pause: PC giants increasingly releasing regular PC form factors and other devices running not Windows, but Google's Android operating system.


Wozniak: Criticism of Apple tax strategy 'extremely warranted'

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak feels the recent public scrutiny of the iPhone maker's tax strategies is entirely justified, saying that the corporate tax rules in America are "really not fair."


iPad mini front panel falsely claimed to be part for Apple's 'iPad 5' [updated]

A new image emerged Friday claiming to show what looks to be a full-size fifth-generation iPad's front panel, again showing design cues taken from the iPad mini, but it was ultimately discovered that the image is actually an iPad mini part.


Apple software update adds RAW support for nine new cameras

Apple on Thursday released a minor update in its ongoing support for system-wide RAW camera data.


Apple seeds OS X 10.8.4 beta build 12E55, asks developers to focus on Windows File Sharing

Apple on Friday released the latest OS X 10.8.4 beta to developers, dubbed build 12E55, though the release notes don't point to an imminent public release.


Apple Store further drops refurbished 4th-gen iPad, iPad mini prices

Apple on Friday slashed prices for certified refurbished fourth-generation iPad and iPad mini models, with savings going up to nearly $150 in some cases.


Apple software update brings QuickTime for Windows to 7.7.4

Apple on Wednesday pushed out a new version of QuickTime 7 for Windows users, bringing improved security features.


Apple Online Store pushes iPad for Father's Day

Apple on Wednesday updated its online storefront, adding a special section for Father's Day with a heavy emphasis on the iPad, iPad mini and related accessories.


Apple fixes MacBook Air crashing issue in critical firmware update

Apple on Thursday released a storage firmware update that addresses an issue that would cause MacBook Airs to be unrecoverable after a system crash.


Apple seeds OS X 10.8.4 beta build 12E52 to developers

Exactly one week after the last OS X 10.8.4 beta was released to developers, Apple on Wednesday seeded build 12E52 of the upcoming maintenance update with no known issues.


iMovie update fixes issues with camera recognition, iOS movie imports

Apple on Tuesday issued an update for its consumer level movie editing and creation software, iMovie, bringing a fix for an issue that would prevent the app from recognizing video cameras connected to a user's Mac.


Apple fixes Thunderbolt target disk mode in software update

Apple on Thursday released a software update for its Thunderbolt firmware for Mac, adding a stability fix for Mac owners using the fast I/O protocol in Target Disk Mode.


Apple seeds OS X 10.8.4 beta build 12E47 to developers with no known issues

Apple on Wednesday rolled out a new build of its OS X 10.8.4 maintenance update, with the latest release coming one week following the previous build 12E40.


Facebook Messenger gets stickers, swipe-to-delete functionality in update

In an update to its standalone messaging app on Monday, Facebook added so-called "stickers" from the company's flagship iOS app and reinstated swipe gestures to delete conversations from the inbox.