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Topic: Apple Retail

'iPad is here,' Apple declares on highly anticipated launch day

04/03/2010, 09:04 am

After months of hype, Apple's iPad tablet computer finally went into the hands of consumers Saturday. Coinciding with the release, Apple updated its Web site to show off "a whole new world of apps" created specifically for the device.


Apple retail to hold 7AM training, all staffers may get iPads [3u]

04/02/2010, 08:04 pm

Exclusive: Apple is reportedly calling all of its retail store employees to a top secret, all hands on deck meeting tomorrow at 7AM to train them on the iPad, and will possibly involve each team member receiving a 16GB WiFi iPad.


Apple Specialist locations will also sell iPad this Saturday

04/01/2010, 12:04 pm

In addition to all Apple retail stores and most Best Buy locations, the iPad will also be available for purchase at select U.S. Apple Specalists, people familiar with the matter have told AppleInsider.


Apple rumored to launch iPad internationally on April 24

03/31/2010, 11:03 am

New evidence of a potential April 24 launch of the iPad in Canada has led to speculation that the Saturday could serve as Apple's "late April" international launch date for the new hardware.


Apple's legendary veil of secrecy intact prior to iPad launch

03/30/2010, 06:03 pm

As consumers eagerly await their first opportunity to use an iPad when it goes on sale this Saturday, employees of Apple's retail stores are in the same position, thanks to the hardware maker's strict security policies.


iPad to be sold at 221 Apple stores, 'most' Best Buy locations

03/29/2010, 08:03 am

Apple on Monday announced that the iPad will go on sale this Saturday, April 3, at all of its 221 U.S. Apple retail locations, as well as "most" Best Buy stores.


Apple again sells contract-free, carrier-locked US iPhones

03/22/2010, 08:03 pm

Like it did in March of last year, Apple this week at its retail stores began selling the iPhone at an unsubsidized price without the standard two-year AT&T contract agreement. Also as before, the phone, which costs as much as $700, remains locked to the exclusive U.S. wireless provider.


Apple rumored to begin retail iPad sales March 26

03/02/2010, 07:03 pm

A new rumor suggests Apple store employees will get their first hands-on experience with the iPad and begin training on March 10, while consumers could be able to purchase one Friday, March 26.


Apple reveals plans to open 25 retail stores in China

02/25/2010, 02:02 pm

At Apple's annual shareholders meeting at its campus in Cupertino, Calif., Thursday, the company revealed it intends to open 25 stores in the nation of China.


Apple among top 5 brick-and-mortar, online electronics stores

02/10/2010, 03:02 pm

Apple ranked in the top five electronics retailers in all of 2009, with both its brick-and-mortar retail stores and commercial Web site among the top revenue earners.


Apple 'experts' to debut in retail stores within weeks

01/13/2010, 02:01 pm

Apple's retail "experts" -- a new position that will serve as a roaming counterpart to existing "geniuses" at brick-and-mortar locations -- are expected to debut in stores in a matter of weeks, people familiar with the matter have told AppleInsider.


More than 100 Apple Store customers targeted by L.A. burglars

01/11/2010, 03:01 pm

More than 100 burglary victims near Los Angeles, Calif., are said to have been spotted and followed by criminals after they visited Apple retail stores.


Apple to build new 'prototype' retail store in Palo Alto, Calif.

01/08/2010, 09:01 am

Apple could be considering a new design for its future retail stores, as the Mac maker reportedly plans to build a new "prototype" store in Palo Alto, Calif.


Retailers want in on Apple's iPod touch point-of-sale system

12/02/2009, 07:12 pm

Businesses of all sizes have reached out to Apple with interest in its iPod touch-based point-of-sale system, which recently debuted at the Mac maker's stores.


Apple's Cyber Monday Internet shopping traffic increases 71%

12/02/2009, 08:12 am

Though it didn't crack the top 20 overall retail Web sites, Apple's online store saw a massive 71 percent spike in Internet traffic for Cyber Monday, placing it well above the competition.


Apple's Black Friday Mac in-store sales forecast to decrease [u]

11/30/2009, 07:11 am

Checks with Apple stores last week suggest that in-store 2009 Black Friday Mac sales could see a year-over-year decrease, though online sales will likely compensate for losses, according to a new report. [Updated]


New apps said to make iPod touch more prominent in Apple stores

11/19/2009, 10:11 am

In addition to the the EasyPay iPod touch application used for checkouts, numerous Apple-created, task-specific applications are allegedly coming to Apple retail employees, AppleInsider has been told.


Apple store in upscale Greenwich, Conn., to open Saturday

11/17/2009, 03:11 pm

Construction continues at the Greenwich, Conn., Apple store as crews rush to complete the structure in time for the grand opening this Saturday.


Apple said to release iPhone app for in-store appointments

11/16/2009, 12:11 pm

Apple plans to release a new "Concierge" application for the iPhone and iPod touch that will allow customers to schedule appointments at retail stores, AppleInsider has been told.


Apple takes wraps off of Upper West Side store in New York

11/12/2009, 11:11 am

Apple Thursday gave a first look at its new New York City store located on Broadway at 67th street, set to officially open to the public this Saturday at 10 a.m.