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Topic: Apple Retail

Apple laying off 50 sales staff due to economy, enterprise

03/09/2009, 07:03 pm

After making itself appear impervious to economic conditions, Apple has reportedly shown 50 enterprise sales workers the exit in a low-key move that refocuses the company.


Apple retail keeps it green during fire sale [updated]

03/07/2009, 09:03 am

In its latest effort to positively impact the environment, Apple's retail stores have initiated a new "no plastic bags" policy to cut back on the amount of unnecessary packaging it dumps in the hands of shoppers. [Updated 3/9 with image of poster card]


Georgetown Apple Store moves closer to reality (rendering)

03/05/2009, 05:03 pm

After five sets of plans for a proposed Apple retail store in Washington D.C. were shot down, the Old Georgetown Board has finally given Apple its stamp of approval on a design that it feels will best fit into the surrounding neighborhood.


iPhone 2nd in US retail; China iPhone deal already struck?

02/24/2009, 09:02 pm

Apple is just short of the top spot for US phone sales in stores. Also, China Unicom may be close to a long-awaited deal for the iPhone in its country, the Boston area is slated for another Apple store, and iFixit has broken with tradition to tear down an Amazon Kindle 2.


Apple settles disability lawsuit over San Francisco store

02/17/2009, 04:02 pm

Apple has agreed to make changes to its San Francisco store and retrain its entire retail workforce as part of a settlement in a long-running disability lawsuit filed by two wheelchair-bound customers.


Apple to showcase top iPhone apps, games at retail stores

02/12/2009, 04:02 pm

As part of a software-oriented reorganization of its worldwide retail chain, Apple plans to start highlighting some of the App Store's most popular offerings by equipping demo units with the shop's most downloaded games and applications on a regular basis.


Apple Stores shifting focus to software in bid for switchers

02/12/2009, 10:02 am

Apple plans to rearrange the layout of its retail stores to place a greater emphasis on its consumer software offerings in an effort to convert even more customers to the Mac.


Apple retail update: Milan, Ottawa, Washington DC, more

02/04/2009, 10:02 pm

In spite of the economy forcing a more cautious approach to store openings, Apple is off to a strong start for its 2009 retail efforts with recruitment for a Milan, Italy store and locations in progress for the North American capital cities of Ottawa, Canada and Washington, DC.


Global recession catches up to Apple's retail stores

01/28/2009, 04:01 pm

Apple's retail stores are showing signs that they're not immune to the deepening recession, but at the same time they're still serving their intended purpose of attracting more and more Windows users to the Mac platform, a new report explains.


Apple equipping all Macs with iLife '09 for Tuesday launch

01/26/2009, 10:01 am

Apple will officially launch iLife '09 this Tuesday and is in the process of making sure that each new Mac that leaves its retail or online stores will include a copy of the new digital lifestyle software.


First Philadelphia Apple store reportedly in the works

01/19/2009, 12:01 pm

Apple has reportedly jumped on a sudden vacancy left by a fine dining restaurant in Philadelphia's historic Center City district by signing a lease for its first retail outlet in the nation's one-time capital.


Apple's first D.C. store facing repeated opposition

12/30/2008, 11:12 am

The wait for Apple's first retail store in the nation's capital will reportedly drag on, as local preservationists have been unable to see eye-to-eye with the Mac maker on a design for the new shop.


Apple to begin work on first retail store in France

12/09/2008, 08:12 am

Apple will soon be free to move into a high-profile space in Paris that's expected to become home to the company's first retail store in France.


Apple opening first German retail store in Munich this weekend

12/01/2008, 12:12 pm

After two years in the making, Apple this weekend will open its first retail store in Germany, a multi-level flagship shop in the heart of Munich.


Apple a 'bright spot' during lackluster Black Friday kick-off

12/01/2008, 10:12 am

Although this year's holiday shopping season is expected to present challenges for many consumer-oriented hardware companies, Apple is already showing signs of bucking the trend with Black Friday Mac sales reported to be better than expected.


Early deals: $250 off new MacBook Pros, $325 off Office 2008

11/26/2008, 01:11 pm

Some Apple resellers are launching their Black Friday sales early this year, such as Mac Mall, which is offering up to $250 off new MacBook Pros, up to $149 off new MacBooks, up to $159 off new iMacs, and up to $179 off MacBook Airs. Amazon has also slashed the price of Office 2008 for Mac Special Media Edition by $325 (65%).


Apple's unadvertised retail store price matching policy

11/25/2008, 02:11 pm

In an effort not to be undersold on its own products this holiday shopping season, Apple is quietly re-conveying its long standing price-matching procedures to retail store staffers.


Apple, Palm taking different steps to reduce worker overhead

11/21/2008, 09:11 pm

While Apple is giving its phone rival Palm a drubbing in the market, both are now known to be scaling back their work commitments to employees -- though Apple is using creative reassignments to soften the perceived blow.


Apple may launch most aggressive Black Friday sale yet

11/12/2008, 02:11 pm

With Black Friday sale information from rival PC vendors beginning to leak online, experts at Barclays Capital say they expect Apple to counter the promotions with a more aggressive than usual one-day sale, offering deep discounts on a number of Mac models.


Sesame Street on iTunes; 4th NYC store building; DC back taxes

11/10/2008, 06:11 pm

Parents now have the option of buying full Sesame Street shows from iTunes to keep their children up to date. Meanwhile, Apple has started its earliest construction work on its fourth Manhattan-area retail store but still owes a hefty amount in back taxes for an unused Washington, DC location.