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Topic: Apple Retail

Apple retail stores continue to attract new Mac buyers

07/22/2009, 03:07 pm

Apple's 254 retail locations managed to sell 492,000 Macs to 38.6 million store visitors during the June quarter, with half of those sales going to customers who had never before owned a Mac.


Key Apple retail exec now shaping Microsoft stores

07/20/2009, 06:07 pm

Once one of the cornerstones of Apple's early retail efforts, real estate expert George Blankenship has switched sides and is now providing advice to Microsoft on plans for its own stores.


Microsoft stores to open near Apple's; Steve Jobs at Coldplay gig

07/15/2009, 06:07 pm

In a not-so-subtle move, Microsoft says its retail stores will deliberately open near those run by Apple. Also, Steve Jobs has shown a rare public display of his love of music by attending a Coldplay concert, and the first Apple store in Canada's capital city is due to open this Saturday.


Police release surveillance videos of Apple Store shooting suspect

07/06/2009, 12:07 pm

Arlington County police are still looking for the armed suspect who shot and seriously wounded an Apple employee at the Apple Store Clarendon this past friday and have released a pair of surveillance videos to the public that could aid their search.


Breaking: shot fired, one wounded at Virginia-based Apple Store

07/03/2009, 11:07 am

An unidentified man fired at least one shot at the Apple Store Clarendon in Arlington, Virginia shortly after the store opened Friday morning, wounding at least one, a person with knowledge of the situation tells AppleInsider.


Canadian iPhone 3G S buyers get late discount, Apple store option

06/18/2009, 10:06 pm

With just hours to go before the iPhone 3G S reaches its stores, Canadian provider Rogers and its sister brand Fido have promised heavy discounts for existing iPhone 3G customers trading up to the faster model. Also, Apple stores in the country will finally let customers buy the devices there instead of carrier stores.


Apple stores to sell iPhone 3G S at 7 a.m.; Safari 4.0.1, Bluetooth 2.0

06/17/2009, 05:06 pm

Having already promised to open its retail stores early, Apple now says that all its available stores will start selling the iPhone 3G S even earlier than expected. Also, the Mac maker has released Safari 4.0.1 and Bluetooth Firmware Update 2.0.


AT&T already sold out of launch day iPhone 3G S pre-orders

06/13/2009, 12:06 pm

Signaling a likely repeat of Apple's iPhone sell-outs of the past two years, AT&T is already warning that those making iPhone 3G S pre-orders that they won't get their handsets on launch.


Apple stores to open 8 a.m., AT&T stores 7 a.m. for iPhone 3G S

06/10/2009, 05:06 pm

Apple has let fans know that its stores around the world will open up to two hours early to accommodate the iPhone 3G S' launch, while those eager to buy their phones at AT&T could receive theirs an hour earlier.


Apple stores holding fire sales on last-gen Mac notebooks

06/10/2009, 11:06 am

While Apple retail stores this week have been waiting on the first shipments of new Mac notebooks announced Monday, the company has quietly introduced end-of-life pricing on previous generation models to help its shops clear remaining inventory.


Last minute odds and ends: iPhone 3GS, notebooks, retail

06/08/2009, 11:06 am

With Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference slated to begin in roughly two hours, a handful of last minute tips have surfaced regarding the naming scheme for the next iPhone, some brief changes to MacBook pricing that were quickly reversed, and reports of extended hours for retail staffers this week.


Apple's 2nd Beijing store to use classic Chinese design (photos)

06/03/2009, 06:06 pm

An architect's portfolio has purportedly revealed a very different design Apple's second retail store for China's capital city -- one that would embrace ancient traditions while thriving on the Mac maker's signature glass and metal.


5th Avenue store brings Apple $440 million per year

06/02/2009, 06:06 pm

Apple's two largest New York City retail stores are now known to be some of the town's largest retail cash cows, with the 5th Avenue flagship alone having drawn in $440 million in one year.


Apple launches new One to One personal training service

06/02/2009, 10:06 am

Apple on Tuesday detailed changes to its unparalleled retail-based personal training service designed to help customers get set up, get trained, and get going with new Macs purchased from the company's direct sales channels.


Popularity of Apple's One-to-One a reason for reform

06/01/2009, 07:06 pm

A series of changes to Apple's retail-based One-to-One training service slated to go into effect on Tuesday may have been driven in part by the popularity of the program, which is rapidly swelling to complex proportions.


Apple remodeling 100 stores with larger Genius Bars, displays

05/28/2009, 10:05 am

While the tough economy is prompting many retailers to cut back on their spending, Apple plans to pour millions into remodeling roughly 40% of its stores and will soon introduce new One-to-One services and other changes geared towards better customer service.


Apple to replace water-damaged iPhones for $199

05/05/2009, 06:05 pm

Careless iPhone owners who've submerged their handsets in some form of liquid can now take Apple up on an unadvertised policy that offers replacements for a flat fee of $199.


Photos reveal spacious interior of second Paris Apple store

05/04/2009, 03:05 pm

(ifoAppleStore) While Apple's first planned retail out in Paris was recently revealed as a window-less underground cavern, a second location under construction near the city’s Opera House is shaping up to be amongst the company's most impressive shops yet.


Apple curbing retail expansion as segment profits pour in

04/29/2009, 09:04 am

Apple has undoubtedly taken its foot off the accelerator when it comes to expanding its chain of 252 retail stores, but the move doesn't signal any weakness in customer interest or a pull-back from expanding the brand to new international locations.


A brief look inside Apple's upcoming Paris retail store

04/28/2009, 06:04 pm

One of Apple's most important, upcoming foreign retail stores has been given an early glimpse months ahead of its completion. We take an early look through photos.