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Minor Apple TV software update brings HD previews, bug fixes

05/10/2012, 06:05 pm

Apple on Thursday released Software Update Version 5.0.1 for second and third generation Apple TVs, bringing various stability improvements and bug fixes to the set-top media streamers.


Apple television not expected to 'break the bundle' from cable

05/03/2012, 01:05 pm

With opposition from content providers likely, Apple's rumored television set will not be able to cut out existing cable operators, and Apple will instead be forced to work with them, a new analysis predicts.


JP Morgan: Apple television unlikely to arrive in 2012

05/03/2012, 03:05 am

Investment bank J.P. Morgan has poured cold water on speculation that Apple will release a connected television set later this year, while simultaneously offering its own speculation that the company may introduce an "iPay" mobile payment platform.


Apple reportedly in talks with EPIX over content for new TV

04/27/2012, 06:04 pm

Sources claim that Apple initiated talks earlier in 2012 to incorporate movie properties owned by movie streaming service EPIX in its Apple TV, with the content possibly in line to be used by the Cupertino, Calif., company's rumored HDTV.


Apple considered buying stake in Sharp to aid development of television - report

04/13/2012, 02:04 pm

As it is believed to be gearing up to launch its own television, Apple initially considered investing in Sharp's LCD business, but the company instead opted to let its manufacturing partner Foxconn fill that role, according to a new report.


Apple TV "single core" A5 actually has two cores, one is off

04/11/2012, 02:04 pm

An investigation into the custom A5 chip used in Apple TV has found that the new Application Processor uses both a smaller, more efficient 32nm die process and actually incorporates two cores, one of which is simply turned off.


Apple's 'iPanel' called 'far more than a TV,' expected to launch in 2012

04/05/2012, 11:04 am

A new report claims Apple's anticipated television set could be called "iPanel," portraying the product expected to launch later this year as "far more than a TV."


In-depth review: Apple's third generation 1080p Apple TV and Software Update 5

03/29/2012, 12:03 pm

The new Apple TV delivers 1080p video along with the features and revamped user interface of "Software Update 5," a free update to existing second generation Apple TV users.


Foxconn-Sharp deal expected to target orders for Apple television

03/28/2012, 08:03 am

The newly announced partnership between Foxconn and Sharp has been seen as an opportunity for both companies to produce IGZO panels for Apple's anticipated television set.


Apple patents take advanced universal remotes to the cloud

03/26/2012, 05:03 pm

Two recent Apple patent filings with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office outline a cloud-based system that could turn any camera-equipped iDevice into a virtual remote control for a number of electronic devices like TVs, DVD players and amplifiers.


Ex Apple engineer claims Steve Jobs rejected new Apple TV UI 5 years ago [u]

03/24/2012, 12:03 pm

The grid of icons featured in the new Apple TV user interface was rejected five years ago by company co-founder Steve Jobs, a former Apple TV engineer claims [updated with clarification].


iTunes, iCloud error currently obstructing some content downloads

03/22/2012, 09:03 pm

Apple confirmed on Thursday an ongoing error with iTunes in the Cloud where some users are unable to download or stream content.


Teardown of new 1080p Apple TV finds cooler single-core A5 CPU

03/19/2012, 03:03 pm

The new single-core A5 processor in the new Apple TV does not have a thermal pad, suggesting it runs even cooler than its predecessor despite offering high-definition 1080p video.


Single-core A5 CPU in new 1080p Apple TV doubles RAM to 512MB

03/18/2012, 05:03 pm

A teardown of the new 1080p-capable Apple TV has found that its single-core A5 processor features the same 8 gigabytes of memory, but doubles the RAM of its predecessor to 512 megabytes.


First Look: New 1080p Apple TV

03/15/2012, 04:03 pm

Alongside the new iPad, Apple released a new Apple TV with updated hardware capable of receiving (via AirPlay) and displaying 1080p video on an HDTV set.


First 1080p Apple TV shipments begin to arrive a day early (pictures)

03/15/2012, 12:03 pm

Customers in the U.S. who were among the first to order the new Apple TV with 1080p video output began receiving the set-top box on Thursday, a day before it is set to officially launch.


First 1080p Apple TV orders begin shipping, may see early delivery

03/14/2012, 02:03 pm

Some customers began receiving word on Wednesday that their new Apple TV set-top box has shipped, with delivery even scheduled for a day early.


Production of Apple television expected to begin in May/June for late 2012 launch

03/13/2012, 10:03 am

Overseas suppliers have begun to ship parts for Apple's anticipated television set as the company gears up to begin production as soon as May, according to a new report.


Epic Games thinks Apple could take on game consoles with iPad, Apple TV & controller

03/12/2012, 04:03 pm

Epic Games, one of the top game developers for the iOS platform, believes that Apple could directly take on game consoles like Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Sony's PlayStation 3 if it were to develop a Bluetooth controller for the iPad.


CBS chief argued, then rejected Apple TV subscription pitch from Steve Jobs

03/12/2012, 12:03 am

CBS chief executive Les Moonves has revealed that he was approached directly by late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs to discuss a subscription TV service, but he rejected the offer over concerns that it would disrupt the company's existing revenue streams.