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Topic: Google

UK Apple users sue Google over alleged Safari tracking

01/28/2013, 01:01 pm

A group of 12 Apple device users has brought a lawsuit against Google in the U.K., claiming that the search giant violated their privacy by tracking them and secretly logging their browsing habits.


Apple's iOS, Google's Android account for record 92% of smartphone shipments

01/28/2013, 08:01 am

The smartphone market is increasingly becoming a two-horse race between Google and Apple, with little room left for competitors outside of Android and iOS.


Google's 'confidential' test could be super-dense LTE network on Clearwire spectrum

01/25/2013, 05:01 pm

Google has filed a request with the FCC for a license to test a wireless network on its Mountain View campus, and at least one observer believes the search giant is working on an LTE network of its own, possibly in preparation of entering the wireless provider sector on its own terms.


Verizon planned to make Siri an Android exclusive before Apple purchase

01/23/2013, 08:01 am

Before Apple swooped in to purchase Siri, U.S. carrier Verizon was working on a deal that would make the intelligent voice-controlled assistant exclusive to Android devices on its network.


Google CEO digs into rival tech companies, says industry needs more innovation

01/17/2013, 04:01 pm

In an interview with Wired, Google CEO and cofounder Larry Page offered his take on the state of technology, saying that companies like Apple and Facebook should dedicate more resources on innovation rather than competion.


Google's Nexus 7 outsells Apple's iPad in Japan over holidays

01/17/2013, 12:01 am

Sales of the ASUS-made Nexus 7 beat out Apple's entire tablet lineup in Japan in December, displacing the dominant iPad from the number one spot for the first time since its launch in 2010, says one market research firm.


Facebook to take on Google with personalized 'Graph Search'

01/15/2013, 02:01 pm

Facebook on Tuesday announced a new feature for the social networking site that promises to make it easier to locate personalized content through searching.


Patents awarded to Apple surge 68% in 2012

01/10/2013, 05:01 pm

Apple was granted a total of 1,135 patents in 2012, ranking it 21st among companies worldwide, up from 39th a year prior.


Google agrees to license Motorola patents, ending FTC's antitrust investigation

01/03/2013, 03:01 pm

Google has warded off an antitrust investigation from the U.S. Federal Trade Commission by agreeing to license certain patents to its rivals in the mobile phone business.


Apple's share of US mobile phone market grows to 18.5%

01/03/2013, 01:01 pm

A new survey of U.S. mobile subscribers has found that Apple's iPhone continues to take a larger share of the overall market, up 1.4 percentage points to 18.5 percent.


Google to debut Motorola-built 'X phone' next year, takes aim at Apple and Samsung

12/21/2012, 07:12 pm

Google is said to have tasked subsidiary Motorola to engineer a sophisticated smartphone to compete with Apple's iPhone and offerings from Samsung which, when released sometime in 2013, will be the first in-house handset from the Android creator.


Motorola patent being enforced against Apple's iCloud invalidated by UK judge

12/21/2012, 06:12 pm

Google's Motorola on Friday lost its UK patent infringement case against Microsoft after a High Court judge invalidated a property currently being used as the basis of an injunction against Apple's iCloud in Germany.


iPhone 5 launch propels Apple to 53% of US smartphone sales

12/21/2012, 03:12 pm

The debut of the iPhone 5 sent Apple soaring to its highest share of sales the U.S. smartphone market ever, according to new data.


Apple, Google & Microsoft in talks to acquire home automation company

12/20/2012, 03:12 pm

Apple is said to be considering the purchase of a home automation company called R2 Studios, but both Google and Microsoft are also said to be potential buyers.


Siri's reliance on Google cut in half with iOS 6

12/20/2012, 08:12 am

Tests with Apple's voice-driven personal assistant, Siri, have found that the service turns to Google for an answer in iOS 6 half as much as it did in iOS 5.


Updated FTC laws require parental OK for apps to collect children's personal info

12/19/2012, 03:12 pm

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission announced on Wednesday changes to the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act that aim to protect personal information about children, with liability extending to mobile applications, but not entire platforms like Apple's iOS App Store.


Kodak sells $525M patent portfolio to consortiums led by Apple & Google

12/19/2012, 09:12 am

Kodak on Wednesday announced it has sold its collection of digital imaging patents for $525 million to two groups led separately by Apple and Google.


Google Music gains free scan & match in US to compete with Apple's iTunes Match

12/18/2012, 02:12 pm

Previously limited to Europe, the scan and match feature in Google Play's music service arrived in the U.S. at no cost on Tuesday, matching a key feature of Apple's iTunes Match.


Google Maps downloaded 10M times in first 48 hours on iOS App Store

12/17/2012, 04:12 pm

The eagerly awaited debut of a standalone Google Maps application for iOS was quickly embraced by users, who downloaded the software more than 10 million times in the first two days.


Launch of Google Maps for iPhone viewed as a 'mixed blessing' for Apple

12/14/2012, 08:12 am

Between Apple and Google, the biggest winner in the launch of Google Maps for the iPhone is probably Google, one analyst believes.