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Topic: Software

Book listing claims Apple's iLife '11 will be 64-bit, iOS compatible

10/04/2010, 07:10 am

A description for a forthcoming book on iLife '11 says that Apple's forthcoming software suite will be entirely in 64 bits, include a rewritten iWeb, will ditch iDVD, and will also be available for iOS devices.


Troubled development, 2011 launch rumored for Apple's Final Cut Studio

09/30/2010, 09:09 am

A new rumor claims that Apple will release a new version of its Final Cut Studio suite in 2011, but that the project has suffered setbacks in the development process due to "fundamental differences of opinion."


Microsoft to launch Office for Mac 2011 on Oct. 26

09/28/2010, 03:09 pm

Microsoft on Tuesday announced that it will launch Office for Mac 2011, the latest version of its top-selling software suite, on Oct. 26, with preorders now being taken.


Adobe launches Photoshop Elements 9, Premiere Elements 9 for Mac

09/21/2010, 09:09 am

Adobe on Tuesday announced the launch of Photoshop Elements 9 and Premiere Elements 9 for both Mac and Windows, with "groundbreaking features" added to the No. 1 selling consumer photo- and video-editing software.


Apple updates QuickTime for Windows, Pro Applications

09/15/2010, 10:09 pm

Apple has released minor security and stability updates for QuickTime for Windows and its suite of Pro Applications.


Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac now available for direct download

09/14/2010, 09:09 pm

The new Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac is now available, offering Windows virtualization that boots 41 percent faster and offers 3D graphics that run 30 percent faster than before.


Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 sent to manufacturing

09/10/2010, 07:09 pm

Microsoft announced Friday that Office for Mac 2011 is now classified as "Release to Manufacturing." The software should be on track for release by the end of October as previously announced.


Apple rumored to be building FaceTime software for Mac, Windows

09/10/2010, 08:09 am

Apple plans to extend FaceTime video chat beyond the latest iPhone and iPod touch, bringing compatibility with both Macs and PCs, according to a new rumor.


Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac to launch Sept. 14 with 80 new features

09/09/2010, 12:09 pm

Calling it the "best Windows on Mac experience yet," Parallels on Thursday formally announced the sixth version of its virtualization software, set to bring more than 80 new features and enhancements when it launches Sept. 14.


Apple updates iMovie for iOS 4.1, issues Safari, iWeb fixes

09/08/2010, 11:09 pm

Apple has updated its iMovie app for iPhone 4 and the fourth-generation iPod touch, and released incremental updates for Safari and iWeb.


Parallels 6 to run 40% faster, launch Windows 2x faster than Fusion

09/08/2010, 05:09 pm

Parallels is expected to announce as early as Thursday the sixth major upgrade to its Windows virtualization software for Mac OS X, delivering a significant performance boost over its predecessor, as well as 80 other new features.


Microsoft showcases co-authoring capabilities of Office 2011 for Mac

09/08/2010, 03:09 pm

Microsoft continues to offer a closer look at features of the new Office 2011 for Mac set to launch in October, with the latest update focusing on the co-authoring, Web apps, Scheduling Assistant and Broadcast Slideshow features.


QuickBooks 2011 for Mac to add support for multiple users

09/07/2010, 01:09 pm

Intuit on Tuesday announced QuickBooks 2011 for Mac, its latest accounting and bookkeeping application with a new multi-user solution, satisfying the most-requested feature from customers.


iLife '11 Family Pack from Apple, Parallels 6 both spotted early

09/06/2010, 09:09 am

Evidence of Apple's long-awaited iLife update has appeared via retailer, with a new $99 Family Pack for iLife '11 listed for availability in the next two to four weeks, while Parallels 6 has appeared on one retail store's shelves.


Mac OS X version of AutoCAD due out in October

08/30/2010, 10:08 pm

Autodesk is bringing AutoCAD, its industry standard design software, back to the Mac in October. A free AutoCAD viewer app for iOS is on its way as well.


Apple-supported H.264 standard gains free license for Internet video use

08/26/2010, 08:08 pm

The MPEG Licensing Authority has announced that it will indefinitely extend royalty-free Internet broadcasting licensing of its H.264 video codec to end users, erasing a key advantage of Google's WebM rival and cementing Apple's preferred H.264 as the video format for modern HTML5 video on the web.


Microsoft demonstrates compatibility features in Office 2011 for Mac

08/18/2010, 02:08 pm

Microsoft on Wednesday released a new video highlighting new ways that Office 2011 for Mac users will be able to work with data in Excel and new photo editing tools, all compatible with Office for Windows.


John Carmack shows 'Rage' 60 fps game engine on iPhone 4

08/12/2010, 09:08 pm

Speaking at QuakeCon, id Software cofounder and video game luminary John Carmack demonstrated the company's id tech 5 gaming engine running a Rage-themed demonstration on iPhone 4 at an impressive 60 frames per second.


Microsoft to launch Office for Mac 2011 in late October

08/02/2010, 10:08 am

Microsoft announced Monday that Office for Mac 2011 will arrive at the end of October with a lower price per installation for all editions, starting at $119.


Security experts release software to attack Android phones

07/30/2010, 07:07 pm

A tool for attacking devices running Google's Android operating system was released by security researchers today at the Defcon hackers conference in Las Vegas.