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Topic: Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs biopic to begin filming in garage where Apple was born

05/18/2012, 08:05 pm

It was announced on Friday that the upcoming feature film "jOBS," which will chronicle the life of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, is set to begin principal photography in the original garage that was the humble home to what would one day become the world's most valuable tech company.


Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak hired as 'tutor' for Sony's Steve Jobs film

05/17/2012, 11:05 pm

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has been brought on as a "tutor" to coach Sony Pictures on its adaptation of the biography of the late Steve Jobs.


Steve Jobs wanted to build 'iCar,' Apple board member says

05/17/2012, 04:05 pm

J. Crew CEO and Apple board member Mickey Drexler claims that the tech giant's co-founder Steve Jobs had aspirations of designing a full-fledged automobile.


'Social Network' scribe signs on to adapt official Steve Jobs biography

05/15/2012, 09:05 pm

Aaron Sorkin, the award-winning writer who wrote the screenplay for The Social Network, has agreed to adapt Walter Isaacson's authorized biography of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.


Photos of Ashton Kutcher in character as Steve Jobs surface

05/12/2012, 08:05 pm

Images have appeared of actor Ashton Kutcher wearing Steve Jobs' iconic black turtleneck, jeans and sneakers outfit on his way to the set of the independent film about the late Apple co-founder.


'Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview' coming back to Landmark theaters May 11

05/04/2012, 01:05 am

A 70-minute documentary featuring interview footage with late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs that was originally thought to have been lost is set to begin a run at Landmark Theatres locations in 19 cities on May 11.


Steve Jobs played FDR in internal Apple corporate video

05/02/2012, 05:05 pm

A WWII-themed corporate video from 1984 features a cameo from Apple co-founder Steve Jobs playing the role of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt as he leads Apple troops against the "blue blob" IBM.


Steve Jobs' liver transplant helped inspire Facebook organ donor program

05/02/2012, 09:05 am

A liver transplant that extended the life of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs by years helped to inspire a new organ donor program on the social networking site Facebook.


Broadway star in talks to play Steve Wozniak in indie Steve Jobs biopic

04/27/2012, 02:04 am

Josh Gad, the star of the Broadway musical "Book of Mormon," is in talks for a role as Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak in an independent biopic about Steve Jobs and Apple, according to a new report.


Apple looking to patent design of huge glass cylinder at Shanghai store

04/19/2012, 08:04 am

Apple has filed a patent application seeking ownership of the design of the massive, elaborate glass cylinder that serves as the entrance to its megastore in Shanghai, China.


Found Steve Jobs interviews show 'pivotal' growth during years away from Apple

04/18/2012, 01:04 am

A technology journalist has uncovered hours of previously-unreleased recordings of audio interviews with late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs that collectively show how the growth he experienced during his so-called "wilderness years" at NeXT and Pixar prepared him for success later in life.


Designer Philippe Starck confirms 'revolutionary' project is Jobs family yacht

04/17/2012, 02:04 am

After reports that renowned French designer Philippe Starck was working on a "revolutionary project" with Apple set off a round of speculation, the designer has confirmed that the project actually relates to a yacht for the family of the late Steve Jobs.


Indie biopic about Steve Jobs to begin filming in May in hopes of Q4 release

04/15/2012, 12:04 pm

The independent film about the late Steve Jobs and the early years of Apple is scheduled to begin filming next month as it prepares for a fourth-quarter 2012 release, according to the movie's producer.


Brazilian city with Foxconn iPhone, iPad plant names street after Steve Jobs

04/12/2012, 09:04 pm

The city of Jundiaí in Brazil has changed the name of one of its streets to "Avenida Steve Jobs," offering a tribute to the late Apple co-founder not far from a Foxconn plant believed to be producing iPhones and iPads.


Biographer says Steve Jobs was legitimately infuriated by Android

04/05/2012, 11:04 am

Biographer Walter Isaacson has disputed Google CEO Larry Page's assertion that Steve Jobs only said disparaging remarks about its Android mobile operating system to rally his own employees.


Google's Larry Page thinks Steve Jobs's hatred of Android was 'for show'

04/04/2012, 04:04 pm

Google co-founder and Chief Executive Larry Page doesn't think Steve Jobs was really that upset by the Android platform. Instead, he feels Jobs demonstrated ire "for show" to rally his employees at Apple.


Kutcher thinks Steve Jobs role was meant for him, film script called 'award worthy'

04/03/2012, 06:04 pm

Ashton Kutcher's starring role in a new, independent movie based on the early years of the career of Steve Jobs is said to be based on an "award-worthy" script that Kutcher is determined to help turn into a breakthrough dramatic performance.


Ashton Kutcher reportedly cast as Steve Jobs for indie biopic

04/01/2012, 10:04 pm

Actor Ashton Kutcher has been cast to play late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs in an independent film about his growth from "wayward hippie" to entrepreneur, according to a new report.


Apple and Samsung have 'communicated lately' about patent suit settlements

03/29/2012, 10:03 am

Despite late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs's vow to go "thermonuclear war" on devices running Google's Android operating system, Apple and Samsung have recently had discussions about potentially settling their ongoing legal disputes.


Apple's Steve Jobs wasn't a fan of the name 'Siri'

03/28/2012, 07:03 am

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs didn't particularly like the name "Siri" when he acquired the company behind the personal assistant software, but he failed to come up with what he thought was a better option.