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Topic: iPod

Apple stores upgrading from Windows-based EasyPay to iPod touch

10/28/2009, 04:10 pm

Multiple sources have noted that Apple will be transitioning its retail store EasyPay handheld checkout systems from Windows-based PDA devices to iPod touch hardware for the 2009 holiday season.


Apple's 'illegal' Boston billboard at center of political controversy

10/23/2009, 10:10 am

A giant iPod touch billboard in Boston deemed illegal due to its size and location is at the center of a political controversy involving the city's mayor.


Apple's iPod touch sales up 100% as iPhone units set new record

10/19/2009, 07:10 pm

Apple's Q4 2009 conference call revealed that iPod touch sales were up 100% year over year, despite essentially flat sales of all iPods over the previous two years, and that the company achieved a new record in iPhone sales as well, with 7.4 million units sold in the quarter ending in September 2009.


Apple says cheaper new products in the pipeline

10/19/2009, 05:10 pm

After announcing spectacular Q4 results, Apple's Chief Financial Officer Peter Oppenheimer explained to analysts that the company is projecting lower growth in future revenues and profit margins due to cheap new products in the company's pipeline.


Apple ranks among top in social media influence

10/17/2009, 08:10 pm

In an analysis of the world's most valuable brands, Apple ranked among the top companies in generating social media interest on services such as Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter.


Apple criticized over iTunes LP development costs

10/09/2009, 04:10 pm

Critics are lambasting Apple over its new iTunes LP format, charging that the company has priced indies out of the game by charging a production fee of $10,000 to develop the interactive titles. Content authors are likely to view the fees as absurdly low, however.


Microsoft considers extending Zune services to Apple users

10/07/2009, 12:10 pm

Some services currently exclusive to Microsoft's Zune platform, such as subscription music downloads, could be extended to Apple products like the iPod in the future, a new report has suggested.


Interest in iPhone high as iPod, iTunes dominate teen market

10/06/2009, 08:10 pm

A majority of teens own an iPod, many use iTunes, and more than one in five intend to purchase an iPhone in the next six months, a new survey has found.


New standards to limit Apple iPod volume in Europe

09/28/2009, 02:09 pm

Media players like Apple's iPod will be set by default to a new, lower, "safe" volume level in Europe, thanks to a new rule passed by the European Commission Monday.


Microsoft uses adware model to pay for Zune HD apps

09/17/2009, 05:09 pm

How can new competitors rival Apple's existing library of 75,000 mobile apps and installed base of 50 million users? Microsoft's approach with the Zune HD relies on overt adware, an approach Apple has deliberately avoided.


New ARM chips offer glimpse of future Apple products

09/17/2009, 10:09 am

Chip designer ARM announced this week new dual core Cortex-A9 processors capable of breaking the 2GHz barrier, perhaps foreshadowing the muscle behind Apple's future mobile devices.


Review roundup: Zune HD plays catchup to iPod touch

09/17/2009, 08:09 am

Though the new Zune HD portable media player from Microsoft is garnering mostly positive reviews, critics say it's likely too little, too late against Apple's dominant iPod touch.


Users report iPod classic issues after iTunes 9 update

09/16/2009, 03:09 pm

Numerous iPod classic users have reported problems with the latest update to iTunes, released last week, with claims of crashes when attempting to sync the media player.


Apple, Microsoft trade places selling iPod touch and Zune HD

09/15/2009, 03:09 pm

Apple makes its money selling hardware while Microsoft's revenues are from software. Yet in the mobile device war heating up between the iPod touch and the Zune HD, Microsoft is focusing on hardware features while Apple is shifting its marketing attention toward the iPod's vast library of third party software, particularly games.


iPhone predicted to drive Apple stock to $235

09/15/2009, 08:09 am

A new report predicts Apple stock will break past the $200 milestone, riding high on the successful and profitable iPhone, even as the company's other businesses are predicted to lose value.


From OLED to Tegra: Five Myths of the Zune HD

09/14/2009, 07:09 pm

Just when you thought Microsoft had given up on the Zune as a product and had retreated to referring to it as a nebulous cloud of conceptual features, the company comes out with a new device supporting a mobile-optimized OLED screen, a wildly powerful yet super efficient new multi-core Tegra graphics processor and support for high definition radio. The problem is that none of those things are actually true.


Apple creates worldwide NAND flash shortage; China Mobile deal

09/14/2009, 09:09 am

Apple's iPhone and iPods use so much NAND flash memory that there is a worldwide dearth of memory chips; and negotiations with China Mobile for the iPhone are ongoing.


802.11n, space for camera hidden in Apple's new iPod touch

09/12/2009, 01:09 pm

A look inside the latest iPod touch hardware reveals the device has space to fit an iPod nano-style video camera, and also sports a wireless chip that supports 802.11n.


Review: Apple's fifth-generation iPod nano (2009)

09/12/2009, 12:09 pm

The glossy-finished new fifth-gen iPod nano builds upon last year's tall and slim form factor by adding video recording, FM radio with iPod tagging and Live Pause, VoiceOver navigation, a built-in Nike+ step counter, and a slightly larger and improved 2.2" display, all packed into the same thin aluminum tube.


First look: iPod nano 09 unboxed

09/11/2009, 05:09 pm

Apple's new iPod Nano sports a larger screen, video recording, a built-in Nike+ pedometer, VoiceOver, and an FM radio with a Tivo-like live pause feature in last year's slim package. Here's what's in the box.