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Topic: iPod

iPhone, iPod touch "cannibalizing" traditional iPod market

07/22/2009, 03:07 pm

Sales of traditional MP3 players like the iPod nano, iPod shuffle and iPod classic continue to decline, as the enemies of these Apple products -- the iPhone and iPod touch -- come from within the same company.


Wall Street again has high hopes for Apple after record quarter

07/22/2009, 01:07 pm

Analysts are again bullish on Apple stock after the company reported a record third quarter in Tuesday's earnings report, and provided higher-than-expected guidance in some aspects of its fourth quarter.


Apple prepays for a half-billion dollars in flash memory

07/21/2009, 07:07 pm

Apple has continued its significant investment in flash memory, with the Cupertino company announcing Tuesday that it recently prepaid $500 million to Toshiba to secure long-term supply of NAND for its mobile devices.


Apple: 50% of our traditional MP3 buyers new to iPod

07/21/2009, 06:07 pm

Apple announced a year over year decline in its sales of 10.2 million iPods, but noted that the company continues to maintain a greater than 70% share of the MP3 player market. It also stated that 50% of its traditional MP3 player buyers are new to the iPod.


Apple, many others in crosshairs of touchpad lawsuit

07/19/2009, 12:07 pm

A small firm hoping to strike it rich through legal action has sued Apple, Microsoft, and virtually every other significant company making a media device under claims that they violate a patent for touchpads.


iPod touch seen as small but stealthy asset in Apple lineup

07/17/2009, 10:07 am

Though iPod sales are predicted to be the weakest-performing segment of Apple's overall sales this quarter, the iPod touch is said to be the ace up the company's sleeve, thanks to the platform's compatibility with the App Store.


Sluggish sales of 1.8-inch drives may signal end to iPod classic

07/15/2009, 10:07 am

As flash memory and solid state drives become the new standard, Samsung and Toshiba have struggled to sell their latest high-capacity 1.8-inch hard disk drives, perhaps signaling that the end of an era is imminent for the iPod.


Apple's In-Ear Headphones receive a subtle upgrade

07/14/2009, 08:07 am

Apple has discretely updated its premium In-Ear Headphones, replacing the rubber 3.5 mm headphone plug casing with a hard plastic one, perhaps in an attempt to fix cord protectors that users complained came easily unfastened.


Third-gen iPod touch tracked in online logs

07/07/2009, 10:07 pm

Proof of a major update to the iPod touch has solidified with online stats now showing a mystery iPod 3,1 device using apps.


Apple procuring video camera modules for next-gen iPod touch

07/06/2009, 08:07 am

With all of Apple's spring product offerings now on the market, attention is shifting towards the company's fall iPod launches, which are widely expected to include the first models that will dual as pocket-sized digital cameras.


Apple looks towards fingerprint-based multi-touch controls

07/02/2009, 11:07 am

Filings from Apple over the past two years reveal that the company is constantly looking to improve upon the ways in which customers interact with its multi-touch devices, the latest of which proposes methods for controlling iPods and iPhones by detecting and using a user's fingerprints.


Apple developing "active packaging" for iPods and iPhones

07/02/2009, 10:07 am

Known for thinking outside the box, electronics maker Apple Inc. is now apparently working on an in-the-box concept that could provide power to iPods, iPhones and other electronics devices still inside their retail packaging, allowing them to display demo videos and receive firmware updates while hanging unopened on a shelf in a retail store.


University of Florida's PharmD program to require iPod touch

07/01/2009, 03:07 pm

The University of Florida is the second school in as many months to announce that students enrolling in one of its curriculums this fall will be required to own either an iPhone or iPod touch, highlighting an increasing role for Apple's multi-touch devices in higher education.


Upgrade fee sees few iPod touch users updating to 3.0 software

06/25/2009, 09:06 am

Nearly half of all iPhone users have already jumped at the opportunity to enhance the functionality of their handsets by installing the free iPhone Software 3.0 update, but the same can't be said for iPod touch users, who -- deterred by a $10 upgrade charge -- are adopting the new software at a snail's pace.


Apple working on adding multi-touch to iPod click-wheels

06/04/2009, 09:06 am

Having pioneered multi-touch for its iPhone and iPod touch handhelds, Apple later extended the technology to trackpads on its Mac notebook line and now appears ripe to introduce the first iPod click-wheels with similar capabilities.


SanDisk CEO concedes that Apple's iPod has won the war

06/03/2009, 05:06 pm

Since the debut of the first iPod in 2001, almost every consumer technology company has tried to create an “iPod killer” to outsell it. SanDisk is one of those companies with its Sansa line of media players, but founder and CEO Eli Harari has now admitted that the iPod has sovereignty.


Early glimpse at Zune HD: "better" than iPod touch

05/28/2009, 06:05 pm

Just a day after it was introduced, the Zune HD has been demonstrated live and is already generating buzz from at least one major blog that it could provide an experience superior to Apple's iPod touch.


Apple's Back-to-School promo offers free 8GB iPod touch

05/27/2009, 08:05 am

Apple on Wednesday officially kicked off its 2009 back-to-school promotion, which offers a free 8GB iPod touch to students and educational staffers who purchase a qualifying Mac.


Microsoft says Zune HD is real, will get multi-touch

05/26/2009, 09:05 pm

After two years of watching iPod sales pass it by, Microsoft has drawn a line in the sand and says it has a new Zune with hardware features to thwart the iPod touch, including a multi-touch display.


Apple prepping iPod nano with camera, three new iPhones - report

05/26/2009, 12:05 pm

Apple will introduce a new version of its iPod nano with a wider screen and built-in camera later this year after first introducing three new iPhone models distinguished by their network hardware, according to a new report.