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Topic: iPod

High-quality unboxing photos of Apple's third-gen iPod shuffle

03/12/2009, 04:03 pm

Apple retail stores on Thursday began receiving the company's third-generation 4GB iPod shuffle in extremely limited quantities. What follows are a few dozen unboxing and comparison shots, along with some commentary.


Apple details new Voice Over controls for iPod shuffle

03/11/2009, 11:03 pm

Apple has detailed the remote control features of the new third generation iPod shuffle, which pairs Apple's now-standard earphones with an integrated remote that includes voice feedback and visual signals from an indicator light.


Apple unveils redesigned iPod shuffle with speech technology

03/11/2009, 08:03 am

Apple on Wednesday introduced an all-new iPod shuffle that's nearly half the size of the previous model and includes speech technology, making it the first music player "that talks to you."


Apple to unleash new 4GB iPod shuffles with Dock sync cable

03/11/2009, 08:03 am

Apple later this morning is expected to introduce a new version of its iPod shuffle digital music player with 4GB of storage capacity, new colors, and other tweaks, according to a source.


U2 jumps ship from Apple to Research in Motion

03/09/2009, 12:03 pm

In a move that will clearly distance itself from one-time ally Apple, world-famous alternative rock band U2 revealed plans for its upcoming tour to be sponsored by Apple rival Research in Motion, in what the two sides are calling a "shared vision."


Young Japanese women rank iPod, iPhone, Macs top in design

03/05/2009, 01:03 am

A survey of 1,102 young women in Japan asked them to rank products by superior design. Surprisingly, the top answer wasn't a Japanese company, but rather Apple.


Microsoft's Zune crashes as iPod sales grow

01/24/2009, 05:01 pm

Microsoft's Zune hit the ground even harder in its third holiday quarter. After two years of annual sales that barely reached the million unit mark, the company reported a major new drop in device sales for the winter quarter.


Apple to pay $22.5M in suit over scratched iPod nanos

01/23/2009, 02:01 pm

Apple has agreed to a settlement in a class action lawsuit brought by customers who experienced quality issues with the easily-scratchable surface of first generation iPod nanos.


Source: Apple plans to attend CES in 2010

01/09/2009, 06:01 pm

On the heels of announcing its plans to bail on Macworld Expo next year, Apple will be instead attending the more generic Consumer Electronics Show in 2010, according to sources familiar with the matter.


iPhone's US web presence beats RIM and WiMo combined

01/08/2009, 02:01 pm

The popularity of Apple's WiFi mobile platform as a handheld web browser device is rapidly accelerating worldwide and dominating web traffic in the US, according to a new report issued by mobile advertising firm AdMob. Apple's strong position promises to color how the mobile web develops.


iTunes Store goes DRM Free, offers over-the-air downloads

01/06/2009, 01:01 pm

While bowing to studio pressure to offer variable pricing on iTunes tracks, Apple has also finally convinced all the big labels to release their music as DRM-free 'iTunes Plus' tracks at the same 99 cents.


New shuffle, cheaper iPhone and MacBooks seen in 2009

12/31/2008, 12:12 pm

FBR Capital Markets said Wednesday that it believes that Apple is gearing up to release several new products during the first half of 2009, including a new version of the iPod shuffle and cheaper versions of its flagship iPhone and MacBook offerings.


New iPod In-Ear Headphones reviewed: Apple's best yet

12/14/2008, 06:12 pm

After a false start two years ago, Apple has released a new set of in-ear buds that are finally worth trading up to from the company's own pack-in models and which may well compete against third-party earbuds that are significantly above its price class. We explain why.


Steve Jobs key to selecting tunes for Apple ads

12/08/2008, 02:12 pm

Ever wonder how those catchy tunes find their way into Apple's iPod commercials? You'll have to look no further than the ear of chief executive Steve Jobs.


Apple's unexpected iPod shortage spreading

12/03/2008, 10:12 am

Although Macs and iPhones were seen as Apple's ticket to a healthy holiday quarter, the electronics maker has reportedly been struck by surprising demand for iPods and is now scurrying to restock some of its reseller channels.


Apple finally taking orders for new in-ear headphones

12/02/2008, 09:12 am

Apple this week began accepting orders for a pair of new headphone options designed for iPods, nearly three months after the accessories were first announced at a September media event.


Apple releases iPhone Software v2.2

11/21/2008, 08:11 am

Apple early Friday morning released iPhone 2.2 Software Update, which delivers a number of improvements and adds Google Street View, public transit and walking directions, and more. A similar update is available for iPod touch users without the new Maps enhancements.


Apple releases big bug fix patch for 4th gen iPod nano

11/12/2008, 11:11 am

Apple on Tuesday evening released a significant bug fix update for its recently released fourth-generation iPod nano digital media players, which adds support for a couple of the company's new headphone offerings, and introduces a toggle to turn off Cover Flow, among other things.


iPods accounted for just 14.2% of Apple’s sales in Q4 2008

10/27/2008, 08:10 am

If someone were to tell investors two years ago that iPod sales would only contribute 14.2% of Apple’s total revenue and that the company's sales would significantly accelerate to a pace of 75% year-over-year, those investors would likely have presumed Apple shares would be trading at a significant premium to 2006 levels.


Luxpro finally sues Apple to defend iPod shuffle clone

10/15/2008, 07:10 pm

Living up to a promise it made in January 2007, Taiwanese electronics maker Luxpro has at last filed a lawsuit against Apple claiming that the American company was plotting a multinational scheme when it sued Luxpro over its iPod shuffle doppelganger.