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In-depth review: can Amazon's Kindle light a fire under eBooks?rating

12/10/2007, 09:00:AM

Amazon's new Kindle ebook reader is billed as the iPod for digital reading. Will it inspire a new era of mainstream electronic reading, just service a dedicated niche of hard core readers, or simply fizzle out into failure? We put the new device through its paces to find out.


Review: Apple Wireless Keyboard (aluminum)rating

10/15/2007, 09:00:AM

In addition to the ultra-thin aluminum keyboard Apple unveiled for the iMac last month, a similarly proportioned Bluetooth wireless version was also introduced. Here's a setup and unpacking tour, paired with a look at its features, an operational mystery, and a tantalizing future potential.


An in-depth iPod Touch reviewrating

09/17/2007, 08:00:AM

The iPod Touch delivers an advanced new generation of the iPod using technology developed for the iPhone. However, it's not an "iPhone without the phone," and that reality is likely to upset lots of users who want it to be. For everyone else, the new Touch is an amazingly thin and sexy new media playing, web browsing, photo viewing, widescreen, multi-touch member of the iPod family that simply changes the game in handheld media players.


iPod classic reviewrating

09/14/2007, 12:55:PM

Released alongside the all new third generation iPod Nano, the new iPod Classic offers a refined all-metal case, the same new graphical interface of the Nano, and the most battery and storage capacity of any iPod model (thanks to its hard drive and hefty battery). However, as outlined in this review, the Classic may signal the end of the road for hard disc drive-based iPods, as Apple aggressively moves its entire media player lineup to Flash memory storage.


Review: Apple's new 3G iPod nano is a 5G video iPod in a nano-thin shellrating

09/10/2007, 10:00:AM

The new third generation Nano has the same small and ultra thin form factor as previous Nanos and similarly occupies the same sports-centric product position in the Apple's iPod line. However, it adds full video iPod features on a screen smaller than the existing 5G video iPod. How well does it deliver?


Review: XtremeMac's four port HDMI switch for Apple TVrating

08/31/2007, 01:00:PM

XtremeMac's four port HDMI switcher is designed with the Apple TV in mind, but works with any game consoles, cable and satellite set top boxes, DVD and HD disc players, and other equipment supporting the High Definition Multimedia Interface port. XtremeMac's switch is well built and value priced.


iPhone Review Series: iPhone vs. Palm Treo 650rating

08/28/2007, 11:25:AM

In this second installment of our iPhone Review Series, we compare the Apple iPhone to the Palm Treo 650 from the perspective of a former Treo 650 user, providing a look at how the two platforms compare, what the iPhone offers for current Treo users, and a few things it doesn't yet do.


Review: Apple's new 24-inch iMac (aluminum)rating

08/13/2007, 09:00:AM

The mid-2007 overhaul of Apple's iconic desktop is the first true evidence of a switch in Apple's design direction since the company's switch to Intel processors. But while it represents two steps forward in terms of ergonomics and performance, pro users may find the iMac taking one step backward.


Review: Apple iPhone Bluetooth Headsetrating

07/30/2007, 09:30:AM

Apple's first accessory for the iPhone is its minimalist Bluetooth headset. It's light, simple, and attractively designed, but also lacks features of comparably priced devices and fails to deliver the full potential of the iPhone.


iPhone Review Series: iPhone vs. BlackBerry 8700rating

07/24/2007, 10:00:AM

Conceived as the the one phone to rule them all, Apple's iPhone represents one of the most valiant first-time efforts in the history of the mobile handset market. And while it may not trump all existing handsets with utmost precision, the iPhone presents itself as a serious contender to nearly all traditional handsets and some high-end smartphones. In this first installment of our iPhone Review Series, we compare the new Apple handset to the BlackBerry 8703e, weighing whether it is compelling enough to sway prospective buyers and fence sitters.


Apple's iPhone: an initial (but in-depth) reviewrating

07/02/2007, 09:00:AM

While the iPhone is primarily marketed as a mobile phone, it's also the latest generation of iPod, a handheld computer with a web browser, an organizer, a note taker and a camera. Are all of its features worth its $500-600 price, particularly in view of criticisms lodged against AT&T's service and the missing features in the device itself?


Some time spent with Apple TV -- an in-depth reviewrating

05/24/2007, 10:00:AM

Apple TV offers a way for consumers to unlock the videos, music, and photos on their computer for use in the living room on TV. The new device competes against a series of other products, including the least expensive option of simply running a long video cable from the computer to the television. Whether Apple TV is worth the price will depend a lot upon on how much users like iTunes already, and how they plan to make use of the Apple TV.


An in-depth review of Apple's 802.11n AirPort Extreme Base Stationrating

05/21/2007, 09:00:AM

Apple's revised AirPort Extreme, introduced at Macworld Expo in January, offers several new features and significant improvements in wireless networking speed and reliability. Whether it is worth the upgrade price to move on up to the new 802.11n wireless technology depends upon the specific needs of potential buyers. Read all about it in our 4-page in-depth review.


Converting movies for Apple TV using Roxio Crunch (an in-depth review)rating

05/07/2007, 12:00:PM

Want to watch DVDs on Apple TV? On May 8th, Roxio will introduce a new application called Crunch designed specifically to convert a variety of different video formats for use with iPods, Apple TV, and the soon to be released iPhone. Check out how Crunch stacks up against the existing video conversion alternatives in our exclusive 3-page review.


Review: iPod shuffle 1GB (second-generation, colored shell)rating

02/05/2007, 11:00:AM

Apple surprised more than a few industry pundits when it snuck out a rainbow of iPod shuffle colors at the end of January. Ever since it first hit the streets in 2005, the shuffle has been seen as the runt of the litter in Apple's music player line, a cynical ploy to make the more expensive models look that much better.