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Apple's iPad by far the most desired tablet among consumers

03/04/2013, 02:44:45 PM, Posted By Kevin Bostic

Apple's dominance in the tablet computing sector seems unlikely to wane in the near future, as a new consumer survey found half of the respondents looking to buy a tablet were planning on getting an iPad, with no other company seeing double digit interest.

Judge vacates 40% of jury's $1.05B verdict in Apple v. Samsung [u]

03/01/2013, 03:22:00 PM, Posted By Kevin Bostic

Judge Lucy Koh on Friday vacated more than 40 percent of the $1.05 billion in damages a jury awarded to Apple in its patent infringement case against chief rival Samsung.

Apple and Samsung ordered to narrow claims in upcoming lawsuit

02/21/2013, 06:59:00 PM, Posted By Mikey Campbell

A U.S. federal judge on Thursday ordered Apple and Samsung to pare down their respective cases in a patent suit slated to start in 2014, saying that both parties should know what assertions are strongest after battling in court for over a year.

Apple and Samsung identify all infringing devices in Galaxy Nexus patent case

02/16/2013, 01:11:00 AM, Posted By Mikey Campbell

In a pair of filings with the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California on Friday, Apple and Samsung detailed the scope of their respective assertions for an upcoming patent suit scheduled to start proceedings in 2014.

Apple awarded design patents for slide-to-unlock and original iPhone design

02/05/2013, 05:30:00 PM, Posted By Kevin Bostic

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted Apple patent numbers D675,639 and D675,612, respectively covering the much-disputed slide-to-unlock user interface asset and design for the original iPhone.

Kindle Fire & Android gain, but Apple's iPad holds commanding 81% tablet share

02/05/2013, 02:50:00 PM, Posted By Kevin Bostic

Amazon's Kindle Fire and, to a lesser extent, Android tablets saw continued usage share growth after the holidays, according to a new report, but Apple's iPads remained the overwhelming tablet leader, with more than 80 percent of active users in the market.

Apple bid for fast track on sales ban appeal rejected by court

02/04/2013, 03:35:00 PM, Posted By Kevin Bostic

Apple's attempt to fast-track a bid to ban on several Samsung phones was turned down Monday, with a U.S. court ruling Apple must proceed normally through the appeals process.

Appeals court denies Apple's request to ban sales of Samsung Galaxy Nexus

01/31/2013, 01:57:00 PM, Posted By Katie Marsal

Apple's bid to once again ban sales of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus handset was denied on Thursday by a U.S. appeals court.

Samsung to take on Apple's iPad mini with 8-inch Galaxy Note

01/21/2013, 03:27:00 PM, Posted By Kevin Bostic

Samsung next month will roll out a new entry in its Galaxy Note series aimed at taking on industry rival Apple's iPad mini in the mid-size tablet segment.

Apple says appeals court decisions hinder patent protection efforts against Samsung

01/18/2013, 10:32:00 AM, Posted By Kevin Bostic

The decision by a United States appeal court to continue allowing Samsung to sell the Galaxy Nexus prevents Apple from protecting the patents a jury previously found the Nexus to be infringing on, Apple's lawyers have argued.

Judge agrees to add newly released Apple and Samsung devices to upcoming trial

01/16/2013, 08:06:00 PM, Posted By Mikey Campbell

A California federal judge on Wendesday agreed with additional stipulations filed jointly by Apple and Samsung in which each party sought to supplement its case in an upcoming trial slated to begin in 2014.

Samsung files against CAFC review of decision reversing Galaxy Nexus injunction

01/14/2013, 04:37:00 PM, Posted By AppleInsider Staff

Late last week, Samsung filed a document with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit outlining why Apple should not be allowed a full panel review of a previous court denial to block sales of the Galaxy Nexus.

Apple granted rights to new process for creating high-quality curved glass

12/26/2012, 12:44:00 PM, Posted By Katie Marsal

While curved glass enclosures have emerged as a hallmark of Samsung's latest smartphone designs, it was revealed this week that Apple has also expressed interest in the subject, developing a safer and more cost-effective manufacturing process that would allow the company to create thinner, higher-quality convex enclosure for devices as small as an iPhone but as large as a Thunderbolt display.

Samsung's chief strategy officer admits to using Apple's iPhone, iPad & Mac at home

12/13/2012, 10:35:00 AM, Posted By Katie Marsal

One of the top executives at Apple's chief rival, Samsung, has admitted that he uses an iPhone, iPad and Mac at home, largely due to Apple's "sticky" ecosystem.

IDC finds Apple leads in device value, Samsung in device volume

12/11/2012, 01:07:00 AM, Posted By Mikey Campbell

In a quarterly report published on Monday, research firm IDC found Samsung to have sold a bulk of so-called "connected devices" for the third quarter, but Apple's high-value products netted the Cupertino tech giant the most cash.

Apple adds six Samsung products to Galaxy Nexus dispute

11/24/2012, 07:30:00 PM, Posted By Mikey Campbell

In a court filing on Friday, Apple asked a federal judge to add six Samsung products, including the Galaxy S III running Android 4.1, to an upcoming infringement lawsuit, with each party asserting a number of utility patents against the other.

Samsung looks to add 4th-gen iPad, iPad mini to upcoming patent infringement suit

11/21/2012, 09:38:00 PM, Posted By Mikey Campbell

Samsung on Wednesday filed a motion to include Apple's fourth-generation iPad and iPad mini in its running list of iOS devices that allegedly infringe on certain wireless patents, tacking on even more product claims to be heard in an upcoming patent lawsuit.

Judge allows Apple and Samsung to add devices to patent suit

11/15/2012, 10:30:00 PM, Posted By Mikey Campbell

In a Thursday order, U.S. Judge Paul S. Grewal granted requests from both Apple and Samsung to add additional products, like the companies' flagship Galaxy S III and iPhone 5 handsets, to a patent dispute scheduled to begin hearings in 2014.

How Apple made the iPad mini 23% thinner and 53% lighter

10/23/2012, 07:20:00 PM, Posted By Daniel Eran Dilger

Apple's new iPad mini delivers the same resolution as iPad 2 in a smaller 7.9 inch form factor that's two thirds the price of the latest iPad. Here's a look at how the company accomplished this feat.

Apple wins stay of Korean iPhone, iPad sales ban

10/11/2012, 04:50:00 PM, Posted By Mikey Campbell

It was reported on Thursday that a Seoul court has granted Apple's request to stay a sales ban against both the iPhone and iPad after an August ruling found the products to be in violation of Samsung's patents.

Google's next Nexus phone to be built by LG, unveiled this month

10/11/2012, 03:27:00 PM, Posted By Slash Lane

Google this month is set to show off its next flagship Nexus handset, which will reportedly be based on LG's existing Optimus G smartphone.

Appeals court reverses ban on Samsung Galaxy Nexus in Apple patent dispute

10/11/2012, 12:21:00 PM, Posted By Katie Marsal

A U.S. appeals court on Thursday overturned a ruling that barred sales of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, allowing the device to go back on sale.

Samsung adds iPhone 5 to upcoming Apple patent infringement suit

10/01/2012, 11:30:00 PM, Posted By Mikey Campbell

Samsung on Monday officially added the iPhone 5 to a lawsuit scheduled to be heard in 2014, making good on a promise to level claims against the handset for allegedly infringing upon certain wireless technology patents held by the Korean company.

Apple actively courting TI employees as A6-rival OMAP chip put on ice

09/27/2012, 04:36:00 PM, Posted By Daniel Eran Dilger

Texas Instruments, one of the largest ARM licensees designing chips for smartphones and other mobile devices, is opting out of mobile chips to focus on embedded platforms, even as Apple's A-series chip business grows and hires away TI staff.

Purported iPhone 5 benchmark score doubles fastest iDevices, outperforms Android's best

09/17/2012, 02:41:00 AM, Posted By AppleInsider Staff

A benchmark score logged on Sunday with Primate Labs' online Geekbench reportedly details the specifics of Apple's iPhone 5, with the new smartphone outperforming the average scores of every iOS and Android device on the website.

Renowned Apple hacker Charlie Miller hired by Twitter

09/14/2012, 02:05:00 PM, Posted By Katie Marsal

Charlie Miller, a security expert who gained fame highlighting exploits in Apple's Mac and iOS operating systems, has been hired by social networking service Twitter.

New pics of Apple's 'iPhone 5' mystery part reaffirm no NFC chip

09/06/2012, 09:44:00 AM, Posted By Sam Oliver

The latest leak claiming to show parts from Apple's next iPhone offers a closer look at a mysterious internal component located next to the earpiece, revealing it does not house a near-field communications chip.

Apple's Passbook strategy ignores NFC technology to power iOS 6 retail apps

09/04/2012, 06:50:00 AM, Posted By Daniel Eran Dilger

Apple's new Passbook feature in iOS 6 isn't just a coupon app; it's a framework that enables retailers to develop smart apps for transactions, without relying on new Near Field Communications (NFC) hardware to do so.

Apple adds Samsung's flagship Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note to amended 'Galaxy Nexus' complaint

08/31/2012, 09:14:00 PM, Posted By Mikey Campbell

Apple on Friday filed an amended complaint with the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, adding two versions each of the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note to its original claims of patent infringement against a number of Samsung smartphones and tablets.

Samsung's efforts to lift injunction on Galaxy Tab in limbo as Apple targets its better selling smartphones

08/27/2012, 03:18:00 PM, Posted By Daniel Eran Dilger

As Samsung tries to overturn the Galaxy Tab 10.1's U.S. sales ban, Apple seeks to broaden it to include Samsung's much more lucrative smartphones just in time for iPhone 5's holiday launch.

Samsung guilty of patent infringement, Apple awarded nearly $1.05B [u]

08/24/2012, 05:47:00 PM, Posted By Mikey Campbell

After only two and a half days of deliberations, the Apple v. Samsung jury handed down a sweeping victory for Apple, finding Samsung infringed on all but one of Apple's asserted patents while the iPhone maker didn't violate any of the Korean company's properties.

South Korean court finds both Apple and Samsung guilty of patent infringement

08/24/2012, 12:54:00 AM, Posted By Mikey Campbell

In what could be a harbinger of the U.S. Apple v. Samsung trial, a South Korean court on Friday found both companies were guilty of infringing on each others' patents, banning sales of Apple's iPhone 4 and iPad 2 as well as a number of Samsung smartphones and tablets.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus copied iPhone features to steal market share, Apple says

08/20/2012, 07:50:00 PM, Posted By Mikey Campbell

During opening arguments of an appeals court hearing on Monday, Apple counsel said Samsung sought to steal iPhone market share with its Galaxy Nexus smartphone by copying a number of the Apple handset's features including a patented unified search invention.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus can stay on sale pending appeal

07/30/2012, 07:27:00 PM, Posted By AppleInsider Staff

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit on Monday issued a continuation for a temporary stay of an Apple-won injunction against Samsung's Galaxy Nexus, ordering that the handset can remain on sale until an appeal of the ruling is heard in August.

Apple denied German injunction of Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Tab 10.1N

07/26/2012, 05:34:00 PM, Posted By Mikey Campbell

Coming on the heels of an Apple-won EU-wide sales ban of Samsung's Galaxy Tab 7.7, a German court on Thursday ruled that the Galaxy Nexus smartphone and Galaxy Tab 10.1N do not infringe on the Cupertino-based company's patents and are therefore not subject to a sales ban.

Apple iOS retains commanding lead in enterprise through Q2, report says

07/25/2012, 05:30:00 AM, Posted By AppleInsider Staff

A study released on Wednesday tallied up mobile device activations among enterprise users and found Apple's iOS maintained a dominating presence in the sector during the second quarter on strong iPhone 4S adoption.

No resolution between Apple and Samsung CEOs at pre-trial mediation

07/23/2012, 07:18:00 PM, Posted By Mikey Campbell

Apple CEO Tim Cook met with Samsung Vice Chairman Choi Gee-sung and mobile head Shin Jong-Kyun last Monday to hash out the two companies' patent dispute in court-directed talks, but disagreements on patent worth halted the discussion.

Steve Jobs' anti-Android sentiments not a factor in patent trial, judge says

07/18/2012, 09:50:00 PM, Posted By Mikey Campbell

A U.S. District Court judge on Wednesday approved a request to bar statements regarding Google's Android OS made by late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs from a patent trial case against Samsung.

Court grants Samsung request to expedite Galaxy Nexus injunction appeal

07/13/2012, 06:05:00 PM, Posted By Mikey Campbell

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit on Friday issued an order stating that the body has acquiesced to Samsung's motion to fast-track an appeal of a preliminary injunction against the Galaxy Nexus.he .

Apple contacts US carriers, resellers to enforce Samsung product ban

07/13/2012, 01:02:00 PM, Posted By Sam Oliver

Apple has reached out to carriers and resellers of Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Galaxy Nexus, demanding that they stop selling banned products.

Google, Sprint file briefs opposing injunction of Samsung Galaxy Nexus

07/10/2012, 09:10:00 PM, Posted By Josh Ong

Google and Sprint have submitted briefs in defense of Samsung and opposing a preliminary sales ban on the Galaxy Nexus smartphone that was recently granted to Apple.

German court sets dates for Apple patent suits against Samsung, Motorola

07/06/2012, 05:25:00 PM, Posted By Mikey Campbell

A German court on Friday set the dates for two Apple lawsuits being leveled against Samsung and Motorola for alleged infringement of a multitouch patent that could result in a sales stoppage of handsets running the latest versions of Google's Android operating system.

Federal court denies Samsung motion to stay Galaxy Tab injunction, grants Nexus stay [u]

07/06/2012, 04:55:00 PM, Posted By Mikey Campbell

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit on Friday denied Samsung's request for the immediate stay of an Apple-won injunction against the Galaxy Tab 10.1 pending judgement of district and federal court appeals while an identical motion for the Galaxy Nexus remains up in the air.

Samsung estimates record second-quarter profits of $5.9 billion

07/05/2012, 10:45:00 PM, Posted By Josh Ong

Driven by sustained growth of its smartphone segment, Samsung has provided guidance for record profit of $5.9 billion from its June quarter.

Google prepping software patch to help Samsung dodge Galaxy Nexus injunction

07/04/2012, 12:19:00 AM, Posted By Josh Ong

Google has said it will soon release a software patch that will remove the potentially infringing search functionality from Samsung's Galaxy Nexus smartphone and could help it avoid the sales ban recently imposed by a U.S. court.

Court denies Samsung's motion to stay Galaxy Nexus injunction

07/03/2012, 09:50:00 PM, Posted By Josh Ong

A U.S. District Court judge has shot down a request from Samsung to stay the injunction against its Galaxy Nexus smartphone while it files an appeal.

8 months in, 11% of Android devices run 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

07/03/2012, 03:53:00 PM, Posted By Slash Lane

Google's latest publicly released data shows that just 10.9 percent of devices running the Android mobile operating system have been updated to the latest version of the software.

Samsung fails to convince court to stay Galaxy Tab injunction

07/02/2012, 10:50:00 PM, Posted By Josh Ong

Samsung has been unsuccessful in a bid to have an Apple-sought injunction against its Galaxy Tab 10.1 put on hold while it appeals the ban.

Google comes to Samsung's aid in patent battle with Apple

07/02/2012, 03:42:00 PM, Posted By Sam Oliver

Smartphone maker Samsung and Android creator Google are "working closely to create a united front" in the face of legal challenges from Apple, according to a new report.

Apple injunction against Galaxy S III would give Samsung 'big problems'

07/02/2012, 08:54:00 AM, Posted By Neil Hughes

Apple's recent string of courtroom victories against rival Samsung are continued progress in the company's "thermonuclear war" against Android. Its next target: the latest flagship Android smartphone, Samsung's Galaxy S III.