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IDC gives Apple 9% of Chinese smartphone market, double the prevailing growth rate

06/19/2013, 06:49:00 PM, Posted By Daniel Eran Dilger

IDC has ranked Apple the fifth largest smartphone vendor in China, assigning it a 9 percent share of the 78 million smartphones sold in Q1. While the market grew by 117 percent, Apple's sales of the entry level iPhone 4 grew by 211 percent, the firm noted.

OS X Mavericks' new App Nap, Timer Coalescing features target battery efficiency

06/18/2013, 08:07:53 AM, Posted By Daniel Eran Dilger

Apple plans to advance its leadership in notebook battery efficiency with a series of new features in OS X Mavericks designed to achieve substantial power savings while maintaining or even improving upon the "snappy" responsiveness of the system.

AT&T starts nationwide FaceTime over cellular rollout

06/17/2013, 08:36:00 PM, Posted By AppleInsider Staff

AT&T appears to be in the midst of rolling out support for Apple's FaceTime video calling service for iPhone on its cellular network, making good on a promise to support all video chat apps over wireless by the end of the year.

Photo shows prototype Logitech 'Made for iPhone' gaming controller

06/17/2013, 08:41:51 AM, Posted By Sam Oliver

A new photo shows a prototype version of a Lightning-enabled iPhone 5 gaming controller from accessory maker Logitech.

Editorial: What WWDC 2013 tells us about Apple

06/16/2013, 02:22:00 AM, Posted By Daniel Eran Dilger

Apple's annual Worldwide Developer Convention is now over, but the event revealed a year's worth of insight into what the company is doing with the Macintosh, OS X, iOS and iCloud.

Inside iOS 7: Animations work with flat graphics to create sense of space

06/15/2013, 06:56:00 PM, Posted By Mikey Campbell

The iOS 7 beta's user interface overhaul is a striking departure from past aesthetics, and one that has garnered a fair share of press, but a complete rebuilding of system animations is equally impactful despite going largely unnoticed.

iOS 7 beta: iTunes gift cards can be scanned by iPhone camera

06/13/2013, 10:48:59 AM, Posted By AppleInsider Staff

Redeeming an iTunes gift card in iOS 7 is as simple as pointing an iPhone at the back of it, thanks to a new feature that allows cards to be scanned by camera.

BMW shuns Apple's 'iOS in the Car' to stick with its own technology [u]

06/12/2013, 02:57:00 PM, Posted By Kevin Bostic

After being one of the first car companies to offer iPod integration, BMW is surprisingly not on the list of carmakers that announced their support for Apple's new "iOS in the Car" functionality this week.

iOS 7 beta: FaceTime Audio brings built-in VoIP, free long distance calling to iPhone

06/11/2013, 08:48:00 PM, Posted By Mikey Campbell

With iOS 7, Apple will introduce FaceTime Audio, a first-party voice over IP extension of the company's video calling service that could disrupt the mobile industry by bringing free long distance and international calling to iPhone users around the world.

Siri gains new voice & gender options, system controls, enhanced car support in iOS 7

06/10/2013, 02:52:00 PM, Posted By AppleInsider Staff

Apple's personal assistant Siri will get a major overhaul in iOS 7, including a new voice, new appearance, and numerous new features.

Apple to stream WWDC 2013 keynote to Apple TV, official website

06/10/2013, 07:16:00 AM, Posted By AppleInsider Staff

An "Apple Events" channel was quietly added to users' Apple TV main screens on Monday, along with a link on Apple's official website, revealing the company plans to allow members of the public to view a live stream of today's Worldwide Developers Conference keynote.

Editorial: Anticipating WWDC 2013 under a cloud of Apple doubt

06/08/2013, 05:35:00 PM, Posted By Daniel Eran Dilger

Has Apple lost its magic? It's kind of remarkable that pundits and analysts of all stripes are suggesting as much at this point, but really not all that surprising because they've been saying that every spring right up to Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference for years.

BlackBerry Messenger not coming to iPhone, iPad June 27 [U]

06/06/2013, 12:38:00 PM, Posted By Kevin Bostic

BlackBerry Messenger is still going cross-platform, but it won't be appearing on iOS and Android on June 27, contrary to a report published Thursday.

Apple installing WWDC banners: 'Where a whole new world is developing'

06/04/2013, 08:28:00 PM, Posted By Daniel Eran Dilger

Apple has started installing banners for next week's World Wide Developer Conference, featuring brightly colored squares and the tagline "Where a whole new world is developing."

Apple's developer portal begins displaying square app icons days before iOS 7 unveiling

06/04/2013, 04:33:33 PM, Posted By AppleInsider Staff

Developers viewing their applications on Apple's official site on Tuesday were surprised to find that their icons are now being displayed with square edges, rather than the usual rounded corners.

Microsoft to slash Windows RT licensing fees in effort to boost soft sales - report

06/03/2013, 08:50:01 PM, Posted By Kevin Bostic

Unable to gain much traction against Apple's iPad so far, Microsoft is cutting the licensing fees for its mobile-targeted Windows RT operating system, hoping that if manufacturers are able to make less expensive devices, the platform could show signs of life.

Amazon sells out of entry-level 13" Retina MacBook Pro amid rumors of slimmer model

06/03/2013, 09:46:00 AM, Posted By AppleInsider Staff

Just hours after new details surfaced suggesting that Apple could introduce a slimmed-down version of its popular 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display next week, one of the company's largest resellers is sold out of the current entry-level model.

Dual-mic MacBook Air expected at WWDC, legacy MacBook Pro to remain without update

06/02/2013, 08:06:00 AM, Posted By AppleInsider Staff

While Apple's MacBook Air is rumored to receive an updated a dual-microphone system that would help with voice-driven features like dictation, the company's legacy MacBook Pro will not receive a hardware update at WWDC, a well-connected insider claims.

Apple to release slimmer Retina MacBook Pro with upgraded camera, insider reveals

06/02/2013, 08:05:00 AM, Posted By AppleInsider Staff

Along with an expected CPU upgrade to Intel's Haswell silicon, KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts Apple will introduce a slimmed down 13-inch Retina display MacBook Pro with a higher quality FaceTime camera at its upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference.

Google Play Music All Access coming soon to Apple's iOS

05/30/2013, 12:21:00 PM, Posted By Sam Oliver

At the D11 conference on Thursday, Google announced that its Play All Access subscription music service, announced earlier this month for other platforms, will also arrive on Apple's iOS platform in the coming weeks.

Samsung, Google to scale back giant screen sizes on new Android phones

05/30/2013, 05:55:00 AM, Posted By Daniel Eran Dilger

While Apple has been the subject of incessant queries wondering when it will follow Samsung and Google's Motorola subsidiary in making a big screen iPhone, both Android licensees are now planning new phones with screens closer in size to iPhone 5.

Wary of iOS-Android duopoly, LG & Foxconn turn to Firefox

05/28/2013, 03:22:56 PM, Posted By Kevin Bostic

Apple's iOS and Google's Android dominate the mobile computing segment, running on more than nine out of ten devices, but now a major Android manufacturer and a major Apple supplier are beginning to look elsewhere in order to pull away from the duopoly,

Samsung teases new Android, Windows devices for June 20 event

05/27/2013, 02:17:42 PM, Posted By AppleInsider Staff

On the heels of launching its latest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S4, Samsung is now gearing up to introduce more Android devices, as well as new Windows products, at a June 20 event in London.

Editorial: Apple's iOS 7 needs exclusive, distinctive features, not just a flat UI

05/25/2013, 04:44:00 PM, Posted By Daniel Eran Dilger

There's intense interest blooming around reports that Apple plans to revamp the look of iOS 7 with a flatter appearance. But there's more reason to believe that Apple is - or should be - focusing on features, not a radical new appearance.

Verizon Cloud iPhone backup software launches on Apple's App Store

05/24/2013, 11:39:26 AM, Posted By AppleInsider Staff

Verizon this week launched a new iPhone application for its subscribers that gives access to the carrier's cloud-based syncing and backup service.