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BlackBerry BBM coming to Apple's iOS, Google Android this summer

05/14/2013, 11:23:04 AM, Posted By AppleInsider Staff

BlackBerry's BBM messaging service will go cross-platform this summer, when official BBM applications will launch on iOS and Android.

Apple job listings point to new iWork for iOS and OS X with HiDPI graphics

05/13/2013, 06:17:00 PM, Posted By Mikey Campbell

A handful of recently discovered job listings suggest a possible next-generation iWork software suite may soon see release, with the latest postings asking for specialists in quality assurance, one of the final steps in software building.

Apple's iPhone, iPad to be granted Pentagon security clearance next week

05/10/2013, 08:38:42 PM, Posted By AppleInsider Staff

The U.S. Department of Defense said on Friday that it plans to allow Apple's iOS devices onto the Pentagon's secure network early next week, opening the door for lucrative military contracts currently dominated by BlackBerry.

Big changes coming to AppleCare this fall: warranty subscriptions, in-store iOS device repairs, more [u]

05/10/2013, 05:55:00 PM, Posted By Mikey Campbell

In a town hall session held on Thursday, Apple informed tech staff that major changes to the AppleCare and AppleCare+ service programs will be enacted starting this fall, with a broadening of current policies likely to cut costs and make the service more attractive to consumers.

Traffic from Apple's unannounced iOS 7 spikes ahead of WWDC

05/08/2013, 02:58:24 PM, Posted By AppleInsider Staff

Website visits from devices running the unannounced iOS 7 have seen a significant increase in recent weeks, as Apple gears up for the mobile operating system's official unveiling at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference in June.

Adobe goes subscription-only, rebrands Creative Suite as Creative Cloud

05/06/2013, 02:44:00 PM, Posted By AppleInsider Staff

At its Adobe MAX creativity conference in Los Angeles on Monday, Adobe announced the next generation of its popular creativity suite, rebranding it Creative Cloud and announcing a range of connectivity and functionality improvements.

Nintendo hopes developers will port smartphone games to its struggling Wii U console

05/06/2013, 02:29:00 PM, Posted By Neil Hughes

Faced with a slow start for the Wii U, Nintendo has reportedly begun offering software to make it easy for developers to port their mobile applications from platforms like Apple's iOS to its new home gaming console.

Analyst: Apple to release Retina display iPad mini models in Q3 and early 2014 [u]

05/06/2013, 02:06:00 AM, Posted By AppleInsider Staff

While customers waiting for Apple to launch a Retina display-toting iPad mini may have to hold out until the third quarter, one analyst believes the company is already preparing a third-generation device set for debut in the first quarter of 2014.

Editorial: Apple's iOS is the new Windows

05/04/2013, 06:22:00 PM, Posted By Daniel Eran Dilger

Over the last six months, Apple earned $22 billion on revenues of over $98 billion, while selling 85 million iPhones and 42 million iPads globally. The profits Apple is now earning in mobile dwarf the best mobile profit performance records set by Nokia in 2008 by more than a factor of three. Why are Apple's competitors not beating back its advances?

Big phones, phablets & tablets account for just 10% of Android's installed base

05/03/2013, 02:24:00 PM, Posted By Daniel Eran Dilger

While many pundits insist that Apple must make a larger screen iPhone to keep pace with the offerings from Android licensees, Google's own stats indicate that all big phones, tablets and phablets put together are a tiny 10 percent fraction of active users.

WebKit releases new SunSpider 1.0 benchmark to chart the future of JavaScript performance

05/02/2013, 08:40:06 AM, Posted By Daniel Eran Dilger

Apple's WebKit team has released a revamped new SunSpider 1.0 benchmark suite for profiling the performance of web browser JavaScript execution, replacing the 0.9 version initially released at the end of 2007.

Adobe plans to bring cloud-synced Lightroom-level photo editing to iOS

05/02/2013, 05:49:00 AM, Posted By AppleInsider Staff

Adobe's group product manager for Lightroom Tom Hogarty on Wednesday showed off an early version of an as-yet unnamed image editing iOS app, with the prototype software leveraging cloud computing assets to manipulate RAW photo files.

Pentagon to grant security clearance for Apple's IOS, some Samsung devices

05/01/2013, 04:02:00 PM, Posted By Kevin Bostic

Devices from the world's two largest smartphone makers will soon be cleared for use by Department of Defense employees, as the Pentagon makes ready to open up its systems to Apple's iPhone and handsets from Samsung.

Despite Apple's internal delays, iOS 7 'will ship on time' - report

05/01/2013, 03:17:00 PM, Posted By Neil Hughes

Though Apple is allegedly reassigning personnel to expedite development of iOS 7, the next-generation mobile operating system for iPhone and iPad will still meet the company's internal deadlines, according to a new report.

'Dramatic changes' to Apple's iOS 7 said to include Calendar, Mail app overhauls

05/01/2013, 08:16:00 AM, Posted By Neil Hughes

Under the control of lead designer Jony Ive, iOS 7 will reportedly see a significant overhaul that is expected to bring about new looks for the native Calendar and Mail applications for iPhone and iPad.

Ownership of imaging patents acquired from Kodak now being transferred to Apple

04/30/2013, 09:57:06 AM, Posted By Kevin Bostic

Filings with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office revealed on Tuesday that the transfer of a number of patents from Kodak to Apple has begun, with the iPhone maker taking ownership of several patents covering aspects of digital photography.

Rumor: Leaked KDDI document claims 'iPhone 5S' pre-orders go live June 20, launch in July

04/29/2013, 04:40:00 AM, Posted By AppleInsider Staff

A document reportedly meant for employees of Japanese telecom KDDI's "au" wireless service has been leaked, showing the carrier will begin taking preorders for Apple's iPhone 5S on June 20 ahead of a launch in July.

Editorial: What will Apple do with the Macintosh?

04/27/2013, 02:18:00 PM, Posted By Daniel Eran Dilger

After a decade of significant growth, Apple's Mac sales have flattened out as the larger market for PCs has begun to collapse. What future is there in the Mac business, and why is the company now designing a new Mac Pro?

Apple may challenge $368M VirnetX patent suit ruling, SEC filing reveals

04/26/2013, 05:20:00 PM, Posted By Mikey Campbell

A notation in Apple's latest Form 10-Q filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission reveals the company has not recorded a $368 million court ruling that awarded VirnetX damages for patent infringement as a loss, and suggests a challenge to the decision is in the works.

Apple changes plans on VPN On Demand behavior, 'Always' option to stay unchanged for some devices

04/26/2013, 12:05:54 PM, Posted By Kevin Bostic

Apple will not be changing the behavior of its VPN On Demand services for some iOS devices, despite having lost a $368 million judgment to VirnetX.

Apple reportedly offering WWDC tickets to select developers after quick sell-out

04/25/2013, 07:23:00 PM, Posted By AppleInsider Staff

After selling out of tickets to its Worldwide Developers Conference in less than two minutes, Apple is reportedly calling a select number of developers with a chance to purchase.

Apple to post all WWDC 2013 session videos online for registered developers

04/24/2013, 09:29:00 AM, Posted By AppleInsider Staff

With a limited number of tickets available to its annual Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple has suggested it will reach the rest of its developer community by posting videos of all sessions while the conference is still underway.

Can Apple afford to go cheaper with new iPhones?

04/20/2013, 11:40:00 AM, Posted By Daniel Eran Dilger

Conventional wisdom says Apple both desperately needs a cheaper iPhone model to compete with low end Android and Nokia offerings, while also holding that lower margins would destroy the company's profitability. Its history offers examples of reaching a middle ground.

Time Warner Cable to offer on-the-go live TV with 'TWC TV' iOS app update

04/16/2013, 07:37:00 PM, Posted By AppleInsider Staff

America's second-largest cable TV provider, Time Warner Cable, is slated to augment its iOS TWC TV app with live "out-of-home" programming, lifting existing limitations that require a user to view content from a Wi-Fi network associated with a cable subscription.

Facebook app for iOS gets Chat Heads, stickers, new News Feed

04/16/2013, 12:57:22 PM, Posted By Kevin Bostic

Facebook on Tuesday rolled out an update for its flagship iOS app that doesn't quite bring it in line with the capabilities of Facebook Home on Android, but does port over some new elements.