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Acer exec says Apple's 'closed' iPad will drop to 20% market share

08/23/2010, 12:55:00 PM, Posted By Katie Marsal

The chairman of PC maker Acer has predicted that Apple's iPad will drop to just 20 percent of the total tablet market when competing options are introduced, due to the "closed platform" of the iOS operating system.

Apple's government Mac sales surge 200%, enterprise grows 50%

08/23/2010, 10:10:00 AM, Posted By Neil Hughes

Apple's Mac sales to enterprise and government customers in the June quarter saw tremendous growth, easily beating competing PC makers in the three-month span.

Rumors of new 7-inch iPad from Apple persist

08/17/2010, 09:15:00 AM, Posted By Katie Marsal

Questionable rumors of a new iPad from Apple sporting a 7-inch screen continue to surface, with another Taiwanese publication adding fuel to the fire Tuesday.

Android-based smartphone shipments leapfrog Apple's iPhone

08/12/2010, 11:35:00 AM, Posted By Kasper Jade

Shipments of smartphones running Google's Android operating system outpaced iPhones for the first time during the second quarter of the year, as sales of all integrated mobile devices worldwide rose more than 50% to 61.6 million units.

iPhone 4 remains sold out at half of Apple's US retail stores

08/12/2010, 08:10:00 AM, Posted By Neil Hughes

The iPhone 4 remains in limited stock at Apple's U.S. retail stores seven weeks after its launch, suggesting that "antennagate" has done little to slow sales.

MacBook Air update with lower price expected from Apple in September

08/06/2010, 11:55:00 AM, Posted By Neil Hughes

Citing supply chain sources, a Wall Street analyst claims that Apple is poised to introduce two new MacBook Air models this September, along with the expected iPod line refresh.

Android leader Motorola still well behind Apple's iPhone

07/29/2010, 10:00:00 PM, Posted By Daniel Eran Dilger

Motorola reported a phenomenal 600 percent leap in earnings this quarter, but is still behind Apple in mobile units sold and is far behind in smartphone sales, leaving Apple the top US phone vendor by units for the second quarter in a row.

Roundup: Apple impresses Wall Street with another 'stellar' quarter

07/21/2010, 08:40:00 AM, Posted By Neil Hughes

Apple again exceeded expectations on Tuesday, when it reported its quarterly earnings, with record Mac sales and signs that the company can sustain its continued growth.

Notes of interest from Apple's Q3 2010 conference call

07/20/2010, 05:00:00 PM, Posted By AppleInsider Staff

Apple reported yet another impressive quarter Tuesday, with record sales of 3.47 million Macs helping to propel the company to $3.25 billion in profits, a 77 percent increase from a year prior. Following the news, Apple executives conducted a financial conference call with analysts and the press, and notes of interest follow.

iPod touch with camera, 11.6-inch MacBook Air expected this year

07/15/2010, 07:55:00 AM, Posted By Sam Oliver

Apple will release a new iPod touch with a 3-megapixel camera capable of recording both photos and video, as well as a redesigned, thinner MacBook Air with an 11.6-inch display this year, a new rumor states.

Apple struggles to meet iPhone 4 demand as iPad availability improves

07/06/2010, 08:05:00 AM, Posted By Neil Hughes

Constraints in overseas supplies have prompted one prominent Wall Street analyst to lower iPhone 4 sales estimates for the current quarter, while Apple's monthly iPad orders surpassed 2 million units in July.

JP Morgan: iPhone, iPad to push Apple stock to $390 by Dec. 2011

07/01/2010, 10:15:00 AM, Posted By Neil Hughes

"Buckle up," was the advice issued Thursday to Apple investors by J.P. Morgan, as the firm expects Apple's stock to soar to new heights in the next year and a half based on rapid growth of both the iPhone and iPad.

Limited iPhone 4 stock viewed as 'competitive risk' for Apple

06/29/2010, 11:15:00 AM, Posted By Neil Hughes

If Apple wasn't saddled with iPhone 4 production constraints, launch sales could have gone as high as 2.5 million, one analyst believes. And if limited stock continues, it could open Apple up to a "competitive risk," according to a new analysis.

Apple's blockbuster launch seen as just the beginning for iPhone 4

06/28/2010, 11:40:00 AM, Posted By Neil Hughes

While the new iPhone 4 from Apple sold a record 1.7 million units in its first three days, analysts on Wall Street believe that number would have been even higher if more supplies were available.

Apple debuts iPhone 4 to sprawling lines, lengthy waits

06/24/2010, 08:35:00 AM, Posted By Neil Hughes

Across the globe, Apple launched the iPhone 4 in five countries Thursday, generating long lines and unparalleled buzz, as only an Apple product launch can do.

Some early iPhone 4 shipments have defective screens, missing bars

06/23/2010, 09:25:00 PM, Posted By AppleInsider Staff

Some of the first iPhone 4 units shipped to customers have problems with yellow tinted displays and disappearing signal bars, users have reported.

iPhone 4 lines at Apple stores grow as early deliveries arrive

06/23/2010, 11:25:00 AM, Posted By Katie Marsal

Less than 24 hours before the official launch of the iPhone 4, lines of customers camped out at Apple stores continue to grow, while many who preordered online began receiving their handset Wednesday.

iFixit completes early teardown of iPhone 4

06/23/2010, 02:00:00 AM, Posted By Daniel Eran Dilger

To obtain one of the first iPhone 4 smartphones for teardown, Kyle of the iFixit team flew to Japan with a tent, planning to camp out in front of the Ginza Apple Store. FedEx ended up delivering early shipments to some users two days in advance, making the trip unnecessary.

Some iPhone 4 shipments arrive early from Apple [u]

06/22/2010, 03:20:00 PM, Posted By AppleInsider Staff

A number of people received their iPhone 4 shipment early on Tuesday -- two days before the handset's official launch -- and managed to successfully activate the device [Updated].

First iPhone 4 in official retail box spotted at Walmart

06/22/2010, 08:05:00 AM, Posted By Sam Oliver

The official packaging of Apple's iPhone 4 has been revealed days before the product is set to launch, thanks to a photo taken at a Walmart where the devices have already arrived.

AT&T ships iPhone 4 preorders, first apps with Apple's iAd arrive

06/21/2010, 11:40:00 AM, Posted By Slash Lane

AT&T has begun shipping iPhone 4 preorders to customers who ordered through the wireless carrier, while the first applications supporting Apple's iAd mobile advertising network are now available with placeholders where the ads will appear when the service launches.

Apple begins shipping early iPhone 4 orders

06/20/2010, 02:00:00 PM, Posted By Prince McLean

The first batch of iPhone 4 deliveries are now in transit from China, with Apple sending FedEx notifications indicating a June 24 delivery date.

Apple ordering enough components to build 3M iPhone 4s per month

06/11/2010, 10:00:00 AM, Posted By Slash Lane

Apple has been ordering enough components to have built a stockpile of several million iPhone 4s in anticipation of this month's launch and continue on with a quarterly run rate of roughly 9 million units, according to a published report.

Apple expected to sell 700K+ iPads overseas, beating the Mac

05/28/2010, 03:50:00 PM, Posted By Slash Lane

Early reports suggest that Apple has sold most of its first run of international iPad shipments, which has lead one analyst to predict that the iPad will outsell the Mac internationally this quarter.

Gartner: Apple's record quarter made it world's No. 7 cell phone maker

05/19/2010, 11:00:00 AM, Posted By Katie Marsal

New data released Wednesday by research firm Gartner shows Apple as the No. 7 overall worldwide cell phone maker, with a total 2.7 percent market share.