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How virtual and augmented reality could play a role in Apple's future

08/28/2016, 03:30:00 PM, Posted By Mike Wuerthele

Apple CEO Tim Cook suggests that the company is investigating the possibilities of virtual reality and augmented reality. Here's an explanation of what the technology is, how Apple could adopt it, and how it could be practically implemented in a user's daily life.

Inside Apple's 2016 MacBook Pro: Graphics processing unit choices

08/27/2016, 03:33:00 PM, Posted By Mike Wuerthele

Once again, Apple probably won't rock the boat with any new MacBook Pro, and will likely stick with Intel integrated graphics and lower end next-generation discrete GPUs rather than giving macOS users faster options.

AppleInsider podcast talks Apple Health, machine learning, 'iPhone 7' rumors

08/26/2016, 08:12:00 AM, Posted By Lester Victor Marks

This week on the AppleInsider podcast, Mikey and Victor talk acquisitions, Apple Health, Tim Cook's tenure as CEO, and catch you up on all the latest 'iPhone 7' news.

macOS Sierra beta points to future Macs equipped with 10Gbps USB 3.1 Gen 2

08/24/2016, 05:49:00 PM, Posted By Roger Fingas

Upcoming Macs may support USB 3.1 Gen 2, enabling peripheral speeds up to a maximum 10 gigabits per second, code discovered in macOS Sierra suggests.

Deals: $100-$350 off 13" MacBook Airs; $100 off 2016 12" MacBooks; 30% off plus free shipping at Zagg; 2012 13" MacBook Pro for $795

08/24/2016, 11:38:00 AM, Posted By Christine McKee

Shoppers this week can pick up a 13" MacBook Air with a free copy of Parallels 12 and $50 off AppleCare. Or snap up triple-digit savings on 2016 12" MacBooks. Accessories are also 30% off at Zagg with free shipping, while a 2012 13" MacBook Pro is $794.99 on eBay.

Deals: $400 of 21" iMac; $270 off 13" MacBook Pro; 8GB 13" Air for $800; $120 off 12.9" iPad Pro

08/22/2016, 10:45:00 AM, Posted By Christine McKee

Shoppers this week can snap up a 21" iMac for $899. Or pick up a 128GB 12.9" iPad Pro (Wi-Fi + 4G LTE) for $959 at B&H. Apple's current 13" MacBook Pro is also marked down to $1,030 on eBay, while the 13" Air with 8GB of memory is $200 off, and a refurbished 32GB 12.9" iPad Pro with a 2-year warranty is $589.99 at Daily Steals.

Deals: 13" MacBook Air (1.6GHz, 4GB, 256GB) for $849; $750 off 27" iMac 5K; $150 off 128GB iPhone 6s Plus; 15" MacBook Pro for $1,600

08/18/2016, 11:24:00 AM, Posted By Christine McKee

Shoppers this week can save $350 on a 2015 13" MacBook Air with 256GB of storage. Or pick up an Early 2014 27" iMac for $1,649.99 ($750 off). Smartphone users can also snap up a 128GB iPhone 6s Plus for $799.99 or save $399 on a 15" MacBook Pro on eBay.

Parallels Desktop 12 for Mac released with macOS Sierra support, Toolbox app

08/18/2016, 01:36:00 AM, Posted By AppleInsider Staff

Virtualization software Parallels on Thursday issued its latest release, Parallels Desktop 12 for Mac, with a host of new features including support for Apple's upcoming macOS Sierra, a standalone Toolbox app and performance improvements.

Inside Apple's 2016 MacBook Pro: USB-C and Thunderbolt 3

08/17/2016, 03:27:00 PM, Posted By Mike Wuerthele

With Apple's new MacBook Pro expected in the coming months, AppleInsider takes a look at technologies expected to be updated, or removed, from the new portable. In many ways, one of the key changes could be the anticipated embrace of new, smaller USB-C ports with high-speed USB 3.1 and Thunderbolt 3 data connectivity.

Intel pushes USB-C as 3.5mm jack replacement, touts better sound, thinness & power management

08/17/2016, 12:46:00 PM, Posted By Neil Hughes

The seemingly inevitable demise of the legacy 3.5-millimeter headphone jack has placed the technology world in need of a successor, and Intel this week laid out its case as to why it thinks the reversible USB-C port is the best option for accessory makers.

Apple partner Foxconn's $3.8B Sharp buyout approved by China

08/11/2016, 02:40:42 PM, Posted By Mike Wuerthele

After months of speculation and delays, the Chinese anti-monopoly agency has approved the $3.8 billion merger between Apple manufacturing partner Foxconn and display technology company Sharp.

Deals: $550 off 12" MacBook (1.3GHz, 8GB, 256GB), $200 off 13" Air; $100 off 128GB 12.9" iPad Pro; $550 off 27" iMac; $100 iTunes code $85

08/11/2016, 11:50:00 AM, Posted By Christine McKee

Shoppers can snap up a 2015 1.3GHz 12" MacBook for $999 or a 2015 13" Air for $799 this week. The Space Gray 12.9" iPad Pro (Wi-Fi) is also marked down to $849, while a 27" iMac is $1,249. Apple's 16GB iPhone 6 Plus (GSM Unlocked) is now $549.99 and $100 iTunes codes are 15% off on eBay.

Redesigned, ultra-thin MacBook Pro with AMD GPU not expected to debut at 'iPhone 7' event Sept. 7

08/10/2016, 09:45:15 AM, Posted By Roger Fingas

Although Apple is nearing the completion of a redesigned MacBook Pro, it probably won't make its appearance at an "iPhone 7" event expected on Sept. 7, a report said on Wednesday.

Deals: 12" MacBook (1.3GHz, 8GB, 256GB) for $999; 128GB iPad Air 2 for $499; $350 off 13" MacBook Air; $400 off 21" iMac

08/08/2016, 10:52:00 AM, Posted By Christine McKee

Back by popular demand, B&H is taking $550 off the 1.3GHz 2015 12" MacBook in Space Gray with free Parallels. Or save $200 on the 128GB iPad Air 2 (Wi-Fi Only). Apple's Early 2015 13" MacBook Air (1.6GHz, 4GB, 256GB) is also marked down to $849, while a 21" iMac is $899.

Bluetooth streaming problems introduced in Apple's iOS 9.2 remain, have wide ramifications

08/07/2016, 07:04:00 AM, Posted By Mike Wuerthele

Apple's iOS 9.2 update in December has caused problems with Bluetooth audio streaming for many users, including hearing aid users. Who or what is to blame, and are there any solutions?

Tight AMOLED supply causing problems for manufacturing, could impact Apple

08/04/2016, 10:10:39 AM, Posted By Mike Wuerthele

Supply chain reports suggest that Oppo, one of the forces combating Apple in the Chinese market, will not hit shipment targets as a result of insufficient OLED supply from leading display maker Samsung.

Deals: 21" iMac for $899, 27" iMac for $1,249, 12.9" iPad Pro for $699, DJI Phantom 4 for $1,199, $300 off MacBook Pro

08/01/2016, 11:32:00 AM, Posted By Christine McKee

Shoppers this week can exclusively save $550 on a Late 2013 27" iMac (3.2GHz/8GB/1TB HDD/GT 755M) or $400 off a Late 2013 21" iMac (2.7GHz/8GB/1TB HDD) at B&H. Apple's 32GB 12.9" iPad Pros are also $100 off, while the DJI Phantom 4 drone is $200 off with a free 64GB memory card. Plus, the 256GB 13" MacBook Pro is $1,199.99 on eBay while supplies last.

Apple Xcode 8 beta now secured with digital signatures in .xip format

07/28/2016, 09:42:11 AM, Posted By Mike Wuerthele

Apple has implemented the .xip file compression protocol with digital signatures for its newest Xcode 8 beta distribution, instead of the unsecured .zip format, guaranteeing that the contents have not changed since initial creation.

More expensive iPad Pro helps boost Apple Q3 revenues despite lower unit sales

07/26/2016, 05:23:56 PM, Posted By Roger Fingas

Revenue-wise, the iPad Pro appears to have helped Apple make the iPad its only growing hardware segment during the June quarter, despite the category actually registering yet another drop in sales.

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