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Topic: 3G MicroCell

AT&T 3G MicroCell nationwide rollout begins in mid-April

03/24/2010, 07:03 pm

Dead spots and connectivity issues in the home could be a thing of the past for some U.S. iPhone users next month, when AT&T begins the formal nationwide rollout of its 3G MicroCell service.


AT&T expands 3G MicroCell trial to five markets

02/26/2010, 01:02 pm

AT&T announced this week that in addition to its Charlotte, N.C., test market, the 3G MiroCell hardware is now available in select counties in Georgia, South Carolina, San Diego and Las Vegas.


Apple defends AT&T, downplays talk of multi-carrier inevitability

01/25/2010, 06:01 pm

Despite a howl of complaints and even lawsuits filed by some disgruntled iPhone users, Apple reiterated that it supports AT&T as a great mobile partner, despite rumored moves to expand its iPhone partnerships in the U.S.


AT&T announces completion of nationwide 3G upgrade

01/05/2010, 05:01 pm

AT&T reported the successful completion of a nationwide software upgrade program that will enable the company to deliver High-Speed Packet Access (HSPA) 7.2 Mbit technology across its 3G cell sites. However, the company is still mum on its 3G MicroCell progress.


AT&T fails to deploy iPhone Tethering and 3G MicroCell in 2009

12/31/2009, 01:12 pm

Facing intense criticism of its mobile network coverage from a variety of sources, AT&T has both failed to deploy its iPhone tethering strategy and to successfully get its 3G MicroCell product into widespread distribution.


AT&T 3G MicroCell to cost $150, require no monthly fees

09/21/2009, 06:09 pm

Users have reported AT&T's new 3G MicroCell has been test launched in the Charlotte, North Carolina market, with a $150 price tag and no required monthly fees.