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Topic: Bill Gates

An emotional Bill Gates pays homage to Steve Jobs while recounting final meeting

05/13/2013, 08:05 am

As part of an interview with Charlie Rose that aired on CBS's "60 Minutes" on Sunday, a visibly shaken and humble Bill Gates detailed his final visit with Steve Jobs, in which the two discussed everything from family life to empowering the future of eduction through technology.


Gates disappointed at Microsoft's performance in mobile computing, calls for change

02/18/2013, 06:02 pm

Microsoft's chairman Bill Gates says the software giant hasn't been innovative enough with regard to the new era of mobile computing, saying the company's initial approach was "clearly a mistake."


Gates' support of Ballmer led to Microsoft ouster of Sinofsky - report

11/13/2012, 11:11 am

Microsoft decided to oust Windows head Steve Sinofsky after former CEO Bill Gates reportedly expressed his support for current CEO Steve Ballmer.


'Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview' coming back to Landmark theaters May 11

05/04/2012, 01:05 am

A 70-minute documentary featuring interview footage with late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs that was originally thought to have been lost is set to begin a run at Landmark Theatres locations in 19 cities on May 11.


Before he died, Steve Jobs kept a letter from Bill Gates by his bed

01/27/2012, 03:01 pm

In a new interview, Microsoft founder Bill Gates reveals he wrote a letter to Steve Jobs before he passed away, and the letter apparently meant so much to Jobs that he kept it at his bedside.


Bill Gates discusses Steve Jobs, Apple's iBooks & the future of education

01/25/2012, 11:01 am

In a new interview, Microsoft founder Bill Gates discusses conversations he would have with the late Steve Jobs, and also shares his thoughts on the future of education in the wake of Apple's iPad textbook announcement.


Apple headlines 8 of WSJ's 10 most-read corporate articles in 2011

12/29/2011, 02:12 am

Apple came up as a frequent hot topic in business news this year, as evidenced by the fact that eight of the ten most-read corporate articles from The Wall Street Journal in 2011 were about the company and its co-founder Steve Jobs.


Steve Jobs' 'Lost Interview:' Design is keeping 5,000 things in your brain

11/15/2011, 11:11 pm

Late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs viewed designing a product as the process of "keeping 5,000 things together in your brain" and getting them to fit together, according to an excerpt from the forthcoming screening of "Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview."


Bill Gates not bothered by Steve Jobs's comments in biography

10/31/2011, 03:10 pm

Responding to unflattering comments made about him in Apple co-founder Steve Jobs's new biography, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates said he's not bothered by the remarks.


Apple tablet stylus patent filed years before iPad debut may boost education sales

02/04/2011, 10:02 pm

Despite Apple having disparaged the use of a stylus for touchscreens, the iPad maker's investigation of a capacitive touch-compatible stylus could play a part in the company's strategy to increase sales of its tablet device to students and schools.


Steve Ballmer cashes in $1.3B worth of Microsoft shares, Apple looked into Kinect technology

11/06/2010, 12:11 am

Microsoft confirmed Friday that CEO Steve Ballmer intends to sell almost one-fifth of his stake in the software giant, starting with sales this week that total $1.3 billion, while a new report claims Apple tried to license the technology used in Microsoft's new motion-tracking Kinect peripheral.


Briefly: No Apple products in Gates household; iPad in Hollywood; lawsuit update

10/25/2010, 09:10 am

Rumors that Bill Gates secretly uses a MacBook are not true, as Apple products never breach his doorstep, according to his wife. Meanwhile, the iPad is emerging as a staple in Hollywood. And Apple has joined Google and others in attempting to have a lawsuit by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen thrown out of court.


Microsoft software chief resigns as Windows maker struggles in mobile

10/19/2010, 01:10 am

Ray Ozzie, the Microsoft executive who replaced Bill Gates as Chief Software Architect, has stepped down from his role, as the company fights to regain lost market share in the mobile space.


Bill Gates, Warren Buffett praise Apple, US economic outlook

05/04/2010, 05:05 pm

In a conversation with Fox Business News, business luminaries Bill Gates and Warren Buffett praised Apple's performance while talking about tablet technologies and presented an overall strong outlook for the American economy.


Bill Gates unimpressed by keyboard-less Apple iPad

02/11/2010, 08:02 am

Microsoft founder Bill Gates, a longtime proponent of tablet-style computing and touchscreen devices, has said he is not impressed by what he's seen of Apple's iPad.


Microsoft shareholders grill CEO about Apple, iPhone

11/19/2009, 11:11 pm

Shareholders questioned Microsoft execs at their annual meeting about Apple's growing reputation among the "next generation" of technology consumers.


Bill Gates praises Steve Jobs for saving Apple

11/13/2009, 11:11 am

When asked about Steve Jobs in a TV special that aired this week, Bill Gates said the Apple co-founder has shown "more inspiration" than any other leader in the tech industry.


No iPods, iPhones allowed in Gates household

03/02/2009, 01:03 pm

The three children of Bill and Melinda Gates may not be allowed to have a product from a certain Cupertino-based rival in their home, but that doesn't mean Mrs. Gates doesn't wish for an Apple gadget every once in a while.


Microsoft to spoof Hodgman in new "I'm a PC" television ads

09/17/2008, 10:09 pm

Microsoft on Thursday will segue into the next phase of a $300 million advertising campaign with an "audacious embrace" of the derisive "Iím a PC" label slapped upon its image by rival Apple, according to the New York Times.


Vista's 100m sales mark said to hide disappointing results

01/08/2008, 07:01 pm

Although Microsoft's opening keynote at the Consumer Electronics Show outed record-setting Windows Vista sales figures, supplemental information suggests the software's debut may have been underwhelming in a larger context.