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Topic: Chitika

Apple's iPhone beats all Android smartphone web use in North America by wide margin

05/15/2014, 02:05 pm

Chitika Insights web traffic report for April assigned Apple's iPhone a 53.1 percent majority of all smartphone web traffic, while all Android devices combined amounted to just 44.5 percent.


Samsung's Galaxy S4 displaced other Androids in U.S. but iPhone 5 adoption still faster

03/21/2014, 02:03 pm

A new report on North American adoption of smartphones found iPhone 5 gained users the fastest, building upon Apple's lead in U.S. and Canadian market share, but that Samsung phones displaced other Android devices, giving the Korean giant a plurality of Android's user base.


Apple's iPad continues to dominate tablet usage, peaks in late evening

02/12/2014, 12:02 pm

Despite a recent uptick in sales for Android-based tablets, Apple's iPad remains the most-used slate by an overwhelming margin, according to new data released Wednesday.


Holidays bring market share gains for Apple's iPhone, iPad remains dominant

01/02/2014, 01:01 pm

New web traffic data suggests that the iPhone was Christmas's big winner among smartphones while the iPad remained the dominant tablet, though it lost some ground to competition from Samsung, Amazon, and Microsoft.


Apple's iPad holds on to massive tablet usage lead, now at 84%

07/23/2013, 02:07 pm

Increased competition in the tablet segment apparently hasn't stopped Apple's iPad from continuing to dominate, as a new study finds that the iPad accounts for nearly seven out of eight tablets active on the Internet in North America.


Ahead of iOS 7 reveal, Apple's iOS 6 is on 93% of iPhones

06/06/2013, 03:06 pm

While next week will likely see the introduction of the newest version of iOS, a new study finds that the current version of Apple's mobile operating system is installed on more than 90 percent of all North American iPhones.


iOS 6.1.2 already most popular version of Apple's iOS less than 1 week after launch

02/25/2013, 04:02 pm

Less than a week after it became available for download, iOS 6.1.2 is already the most popular version of iOS tracked by analytics firm Chitika.


Kindle Fire & Android gain, but Apple's iPad holds commanding 81% tablet share

02/05/2013, 02:02 pm

Amazon's Kindle Fire and, to a lesser extent, Android tablets saw continued usage share growth after the holidays, according to a new report, but Apple's iPads remained the overwhelming tablet leader, with more than 80 percent of active users in the market.